Sunday, August 01, 2004

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Sex Photo Sex story

This story is purely fiction, and contains sexually explicit situtions
possibly involving (but not limited to) rape, pedophilia, vegetables,
coffee mugs, and various farm animals.

The characters in these stories are in no way based on real people. If
you feel that they might be based on you, you are probably an idiot. I
don't know you.

Keep this shit out of the hands of children you lazy, thoughtless
bastard. Do you have ANY idea what a kid who read this stuff during his
childhood would grow up to be? Well, YOU'RE READING THE KIND OF FUCKED UP



Melissa looked at her watch, almost hesitantly, knowing that she was
late. 10:25, it read. She whimpered and went from a fast walk to a jog,
praying that her parents wouldn't notice the time.

Quietly as she could, she opened the front door. Her parents were in
the living room - her father reading the paper and her mother a paperback
book. She walked past as quietly as she could, and at first her parents
said nothing.

But as she started ascending the stairs, her mother said, "This is your
second. Tomorrow after school."

Melissa knew better than to protest, and she quickly went upstairs,
changed into her pajamas, and went to sleep, miserable.

In Melissa's house, the rules are thus: One minor offence
(insubordiation, being out past curfew, C or lower on the report card,
etc.) earns a spanking or some amount of time without the "right" to wear
clothing around the house.

She could, however, get out of said punishments if she agreed that,
after her next minor rule-breaking, she would be given the "liquid"

Her mother had, locked in a cabinet, a small vile of clear liquid. The
clear liquid was actually a highly potent irritant which was applied with a
small brush on a long handle. When smeared on (or in) the vagina, it would
cause mild to extreme pain and itching, depending on the amount used.
Melissa's parents would use, "as much as necessary."

Her mother had decided she needed a more severe form of punishment than
a simple spanking after she had caught her daughter masturbating a few
months prior. It did not cause any serious damage, but it would leave the
girl howling for ten minutes, and sobbing for awhile after.

For more serious offences, the punishments would be decided on a
case-to-case basis. Often times it was the liquid, but other times it
would involve an extreme spanking or paddling, or even something much more
creative. Once, a punishment consisted of Melissa having to have the whole
family present whenever she wanted to go to the bathrom or bathe.

The next day after school, Melissa came home and went into her room.
Her parents followed her up.

Once in her room, her dad secured rope to each of the four posts to her
bed as she removed her shoes, then socks, then shorts, then panties.

"Shirt and bra, too," her mother reminded her. The complete baring of
the girl served little practical purpose, but did much to add to her

Tears begining to form, she slipped out of her shirt and unlatched her
bra. What handfuls of her tits existed spilled out. At 15, she had little
more than an averaged sized chest.

Without being told, she layed down on the bed. Her hands were secured,
and then her feet. She let out an occasional sob or whimper, but otherwise
made no noise of protest.

Once tied down, a pillow was slid under her hips, pushing her vagina up
where they would have easy access to it.

"Will you need this?" her father asked, holding up a cloth rag they
often used as a gag. She nodded, knowing that the liquid always made her
scream. She opened her mouth and her stuffed it in.

Tears now flowed freely down her face, half in humiliation at being
sprawled naked in front of her parents and half in horror at the pain
awaiting her. She had only had the treatment three times before, and she
was not eager to experience it a fourth.

Her mother disappeared and reappeared with the vile in one hand and the
brush in the other.

"You know why we have to do this, right?" she asked.

Melissa nodded, starting to sob.

"Are you ready?" her mother asked.

Melissa nodded.

Melissa's mother opened the bottle and dipped the brush in. Melissa
took a deep breath. Her mother smeared a liberal amount across Melissa's
pussy lips and opening, and then slid the brush carefully down her
daughter's slit, ensuring that she did not miss a spot.

It took a few seconds for the liquid to take effect, but soon Melissa's
eyes widened in terror, and even through the gag could be heard a pitiful
shriek. She strained´┐Żagainst her bonds, trying to reach a hand to her
burning young cunt.

Calm as ever, her mother dipped the brush back into the bottle, and then
proceeded to push the brush through Melissa's hole and into her. She
repeated this a few times, wanting to be sure the inside of her daughter's
vagina was well coated.

This made Melissa's agony unbearable. Now not only did her outside
burn, but all through the inside of her belly was the sensation of firey
ants, stinging and burning her all over.

She continued howling and bucked harder and harder, trying to soothe her
burning loins.

Nothing, she knew, could be done to less herpain, and she felt she was
going mad. She convulsed and tossed her head back and forth.

It seemed to her hours that she lay, writhing and screaming, moaning and
bucking, her crotch and inards burning away to a crisp.

After about ten minutes, real time, Melissa's pain was beginning to
dull. Now, more prevalent than the pain, was a terrible itch all throughout
her. She rubbed her legs together and her vaginal walls contracted
rapidly. The itch was as maddening as the pain was.

She conintued to toss her head back and forth, and she sobbed wildly,
her pubescent chest heaving up and down.

Finally, the itching eased away and she lay, motionless, on the bed, her
eyes glazed and her face stained with tears.

When her parents saw that the cycle was complete, they untied her and
told her to go wash. "You can put your clothes back on after dinner," her
mother said.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

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Sex Photo Sex picture

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sex Photo Sex story

Title: Forbidden Dominance
Keywords: mF, fF, teen, inc, fdom, mdom, bond, mom, son, niece, anal, group, mat
Author: Caesar
Email: caesarintimate
Summary: A girl and her cousin seduce and dominate his mother, her aunt.

The cruelest of creatures' the crab
With claws that can pinch you or stab,
And then when you dine
On crab and white wine
It gets you as well with the tab.

Forbidden Dominance

by Caesar, 19972003

$Revision: 1.15 $ $ 2003/08/01 17:54:26 $

My name is Shelly. I have always been different from other girls my
own age, and though I've never told anyone, its because I know I'm a
lesbian. Perhaps that is why I didn't fall for the brutish and
obvious tricks my cousin Greg played upon me that fateful day, three
months ago, when I discovered that I was a dominant.

You see, my own cousin, three years younger than I, tried to seduce
me. I wonder if I hadn't been a lesbian if I would have fallen for
his surprisingly seductive innuendoes and demands.

You see, Greg is only fifteen and I know back then I was simply a
mixed up teen, I was filled with confused sexual images. Perhaps I
wasn't the only one to be frustrated and lost sexually but seeing the
other crude and awkward teenagers my own age at the time makes me
doubt that.

No, I don't wonder if I would have fallen for my cousins advances, I
know I would have been seduced. He has this mature way about him,
especially the last several months, that causes me to forget he is
still a pubescent teenager rather than a young man perhaps older than
I. We have always been as close as two differentsex cousins can be,
even forgetting our age difference. So when he lays his hand upon my
lap, ever so gently, I don't think much about it. Yet, when the hand
returns very often, with more familiarity to my lower limb and the
tips of his fingers touch just inside my knee which causes me to
shiver uncontrollably I could not help but pull from his grasp.

It was just a teens exploring interest in girls, how he wanted to
experiment with the boundaries between him and I. That's what I told
myself. Next time he reached for me it was to hold my hand. I must
admit, I liked it. Greg's warm strong hand felt comforting so I
didn't resist when he again did it. Yet this time after holding my
hand for some time moved it to his lap and placed it upon his male

I over reacted and practically ran from the table, leaving our parents
wondering at my quick exit. It was the first time I had felt a man
between his legs. I stood before the bathroom mirror and studied my
shivering self. It wasn't unpleasant yet I didn't find any excitement
in what happened. It disturbed me more wondering why he did it. I
never had such confidence at his age.

Greg didn't give up, next I felt his fingertips lightly measuring the
flow of my neck. After that, he started with a shoulder massage and
then finished by squeezing my buttocks. Something that I had never
had done before and I remember groaning with surprised enjoyment. Of
course I came to my senses and remembered who's experienced hands
familiarized themselves with my full curves and promptly told him to

Why did I allow his to go on for so long if I didn't even find men
attractive. Well, to be truthful I enjoyed his calm manner and
reassured touches. None of the few ladies that I ever had up to that
moment touched me like that mostly it was experimenting with our
bodies and enjoying each other. Greg simply touched me as if he was
an artist preparing a painting, slowly and expertly.

The knowledge disturbed me.

It, of course, had to come to a climax eventually and it did when his
lips met my own. We stood in the foyer to my parent's house and I was
bidding him goodbye when he simply wrapped his arms about me and
kissed. It wasn't a kiss that a cousin gives to another. Nor was it
a kiss that I had ever experienced from a man. When his tongue slide
between my lips I pushed and tore myself away from his stronger grasp.

Whipping my mouth with the back of my hand, "My god Greg!"

He simply stood before me and smiled. "Ask me to stay?"

I looked up at him as if he was crazy. This was the first time he
pushed me further after I put a stop to his actions. I took a few
steps back, afraid for the first time conscious that we were alone
in the house.

"You need me Shelly, I know you haven't been with a man for a long
time." Actually no one in my family knew that I have never been with
a man, that I in fact never wanted to be with one. Outwardly my
family thought of me as a young antisocial spinster and that is all
that I wish them to know. Oh, I had tried dating a few years ago,
with men I mean, but none were even faintly enjoyable and nothing
untoward ever happened on them.

"Get out Greg, leave before..."

His hand reached down and grasped himself. "Your making this harder
upon yourself cuz I may have to punish you!" Greg actually laughed
maliciously! Did he really think I wanted him? Have I ever given him
that impression? I really didn't see how.

Yet those last words caused my legs to go just a bit weak and I
stepped another foot back. "Punish me?" The laugh I barked out came
out more like a nervous gulp and obviously was not very convincing.

Greg stepped towards me. The only exit I had was the hallway leading
into the house but for some reason I stood my ground until he stood
proudly a foot before me. At least he withdrew his hand from his
crotch. Unfortunately he placed it upon my breast!

It squeezed just right, not too hard or soft. Nearly as well as if I
did it myself. That was the last straw, no matter how pleasant the
touch was I was not interested in a man in that way, I swung about
with my arm and it threw his hand off my chest. I stood my ground and
glared at him.

Nearly my height, he was thinner than I. I had fended off a few
unwanted aggressive males in the last few years and found an offence
often better than a defence was better in these circumstances.

I saw an uncertain look pass Greg's eyes until it was replaced by a
new resolve. "Your not going to be able to sit for a week after I
finish spanking you cuz."

"Fuck you, bastard." Again the surprised and uncertain look. "Get
the fuck out."

He reached out for my wrist but I pulled it quickly from his grasp.
"You want it rough for our first time huh Shelly? You want me to tie
you up before I fuck your sexy body."

That was the last straw. This normally quiet and reserved woman
suddenly found the strength and anger to swing out bringing her shin
up into her cousins crotch. I had strong and slim legs that hit their
intended target with a powerful blow. Greg dropped suddenly his hands
cupping between his thighs and groaning loudly.

"Get out you fucking bastard!" I don't remember ever being as angry
as I had been that moment.

What he said next surprised me, "Your serious?"

I couldn't help it, and laughed. Of course I was serious, the bastard
really must think highly of himself not to take my kick in any way but
the reason it was intended. Did he confuse my reactions to his gentle
touches with his own fantasies?

"Get out Greg, I mean it!" Of course I did but my cousin had to be
bluntly reminded it seemed.

Instead of retreating from me he suddenly dropped down upon the
hardwood floor with his face starting to turn red. He looked comic
and pathetic at that moment. I had never kicked a man in his knockers
before and was surprised at the reaction. The smugness lasted only
moments before I saw my own cousin's face turn white.

Maternal instincts or simply that I cared enough about the teenager
seated before to forget his indiscretion, but it changed my anger to
worry. I was suddenly sorry for hurting him as bad as I seemed too
and I dropped to my knees next to him.

"Breath Greg! Do you need anything water, hot compress...?"

He gasped out, "Air!" I jumped to the front door and opened it wide,
letting the fresh cool breeze enter the wide foyer.

I again knelt next to him and simply watched and waited. No matter
what ridiculous situation he placed me in, he was still my young
cousin. I loved him, no matter what.

It took several minutes before he returned to normal coloration and
his breathing no longer contained gasps. All that time he simply
watched me with a surprised eye without saying a word.

Then finally, "I'm sorry Shelly." He looked right into my eyes and I
could see the little boy that used to pester me, and my friends,
return. Gone was that lecher grin and strange mature glint in his

I wanted that apology and simply patted his arm.

"You like boys don't you?" If the situation had been different I
would have barked out laughing. Did he think, because I turned down
his aggressive suggestions that I simply did not like men? Besides it
wasn't so much a question and just an confirmation of his thoughts.

"Actually I don't." It came out so easily, and the words sounded
strange. None in my family know of my sexual preferences and I
planned never to reveal them. I'm not even sure why I did it this

"Wow, I'm sorry cuz." He started to stand back up and I helped him.
"I would never have... you know? If I knew."

I simply shrugged and helped to straighten his clothing. Finally the
question came to my lips, "Whatever the hell was on your mind Greg?"

He looked like he was about to retreat out the front door when he
stopped suddenly and look firmly in my direction. "Do you really wish
to know cuz? Because its a long story and I'm not sure you will want
to hear about it?"

What could I say, it was like a challenge. No one was due home for
another couple of hours so I tried to sound nonchalant, "Sure."

We went back into the living room and Greg started his tale.

"It all started seven months ago... I think. It was just a few weeks
after the new year." He sat across from me and we were alone, but
Greg was practically whispering as he started this tale. "The first
time it took me by surprise."

"What was it?" I was getting in the mood for the consipirical
atmosphere Greg was creating with his tale.

"When my mom walked in on me when I was... you know? Masturbating."
I heard my own gasp and not for the first time wondered what type of
story this was going to be. Thankfully he ignored my surprise and
embarrent. People in our family just don't talk about anything
sexual, including masturbation. That was one of the reasons I was
able to keep my own lesbianism secret.

"I remember the stunned look on her face as she stood surprised and
open mouthed for almost a full minute. I was so embarrassed my dick
turned soft quicker than it takes to tell and I pulled the covers up
to my neck. I said, 'Mom I'm sorry.', but she only turned and left me
alone without one word."

Being older I felt I had to add, "Its perfectly natural for a guy your
age to..."

He looked up amused, "For a few moments Shelly please just shut up."
It was said with such playful banter, the cousin that I had known all
my life, that I could do naught but smile and nod for him to continue.

Taking a deep breath he continued, "The next time..."

"Next time?" I blurted out, but placed both hands over my mouth and
he simply smiled and continued.

" time she must have been quieter as I didn't even notice her
standing in my doorway until I started to come upon my stomach. She
saw every detail and when I finally saw her I again freaked and pulled
the covers over my body. Mom just left me alone without a word

"I was very embarrassed but tried to bring it up later that day she
just smiled and then walked away. No word, nothing. So I then only
masturbated when the house was empty. About that time I started to
notice my mom as hanging around me more often, especial when I'm going
to bed. Then there was the looks I caught her giving me. Strange
looks, often at my crotch or ass. She also started to give me little
peeks of her own body, maybe a peek down the top of her sweater or a
few inches extra up her skirt."

I was starting to wonder if my cousin Greg didn't have a inflated ego?
I mean my aunt was as straight laced as they come. A prime and proper
woman that was head of her neighbourhood parish's woman's support
group. Yet, I listened, waiting for the flaw in my cousins logic as
I assumed it was completely a lie.

"I've got to admit cuz, that I'm a very horny guy. I just can't
control myself sometimes." Greg chuckled to himself at that last
statement. "It was weeks after the last time I was caught in the act
and was again starting to feel like it was safe to jerk off when the
need hit and not just when the house was like a morgue. Mom caught me
of course. At that time I had stopped noticing her hanging around but
heard her open my door and step in even while I lay naked stroking

This talk, so calmly spoken, about cocks and coming was starting to
make me feel just a little warm. Otherwise, I nodded for him to

"I don't know why I did it but I just watched her watch me as I
continued to beat off. She didn't move an inch or say a word that
whole time. The only emotion she showed was when she gasped when I
started to come. Then she practically ran from my room."

"The next night she again entered my room, standing watching me as I
lay in bed. I looked at her surprised and asked, 'What is it mom?'
She never said a word. It was like a test, as I pushed down my covers
and untied my pyjama bottoms. I wasn't sure what to think after the
night before but I learned a bit more when she just stood and stared
directly at my now uncovered cock."

I couldn't resist, "You masturbated again with her watching didn't
you?" If it wasn't a truthful tale then it was at least very hot and

Greg nodded, "Yea I did. It became a nightly ritual just before I
went to bed. Mom would come into my room and wait and watch me
masturbate. When I was finished she would quickly leave the room
looking pale and trembling very slightly. I didn't know what to make
of the situation, but I knew I enjoyed it. So I started to toy with
her a little at a time. I'd turn out the lights and she would have to
come closer to see me as I jerked off. Or I would do it before my
desk so she would have to come further into my room to see my dick.
I'd jerk off facing the other side of the bed and she'd walk around,
so I'd roll to the other and mom would follow. Then one time I asked
her just after I finished onto my stomach, 'Don't leave yet mom, do
you want to watch me do it again?'"

I squirmed in my seat, "This was getting good", I thought. Though I
never believed it for one second.

"She stood facing my bedroom door for several long minutes, her body
trembling constantly. Then she turned around, probably because I was
making lots of the noises I often do when I jerk myself. Mom had seen
enough to know the sound of my pleasure. What she did next surprised
me, she bundled up her dress and slide one hand under her skirt and
between her legs. Now she was giving me something to see, though I'm
not sure if she even noticed my eyes. Hers never came off my cock."

"I had never seen a woman outside of magazines before, and didn't even
know what she was doing at first. Then she pressed both her hands
between her legs and I could see how frantically they moved beneath
her skirt. Just when I thought it couldn't get much better, she
suddenly moved her hands quickly to her hips and pushed her panties
down to her feet and stepped out of them. Then mom let herself fall
back against my bedroom door and her hands again attacked under her
skirt. I couldn't see anything, but god what a sight. I came almost

"Mom just grasped out and watched as my second orgasm landed upon my
stomach. Then she again ran from my room. I noticed her panties
still lay upon my carpet where they had fell down her legs."

The mental image of my Aunt Kay masturbating while looking at her
young teenage son was very sexy. Though I seriously doubted such a
thing happened I was about to let my cousin finish with his tale
before I discredited him.

"The next night she returned as usual. As I started to stoke myself,
I suddenly remembered her panties and the smell that had been left on
them the day before so I stopped what I was doing and spoke up, 'Take
your panties off mother.' You should have seen her eyes cuz, but I
think I was the surprised one when she faced my door and lifted her
skirt to reach under and pull her panty down her legs. She pulled
them off and I asked before they hit the ground, 'Toss it to me mom.'"

"It was the first time I had pushed the limits of this new adventure
and she had done exactly as I asked. As I caught her panty I wondered
what else she would do for me. 'Put your hands between your legs like
yesterday mom.' She did and I took a sniff of her panty crotch much
to her horror and surprise. Then I did what I had done so well up to
that point, I jerked off, but this time with mom playing with herself
at the same time. When I was finished I tossed her panty back to her
and she scrambled to leave."

"The next couple of nights were much the same, with me asking for her
panty and I jerking off. Only, I didn't have to ask her to play with
herself at the same time, her hands could not get enough of that place
between her legs. From the moment she stepped into my room to the
moment she left, she never said a word but she always had at least one
hand up under her skirt. Then one night I accidentally shot my come
upon her panty and I was embarrassed when I threw it back. Only I saw
that she shivered more violently as she held her panty and tried to
retreat from my room. Of course, I then used her soiled panties to
then cleaned my messes up then she would leave as before."

"As you can see I liked to test the limits sometimes. Hot and just
about to shoot I then asked, 'Lift your skirt mom, I want to see what
your hands are doing.' She did and as soon as I saw her thick dark
brown pussy I started to shoot all over the crotch of her panty that I
had on my lap. Mom held her dress up there for me waiting for her
panty before so she could leave. She had one hand tucked between her
white thighs and I could see two fingers moving in and out of the
bush. I must have watched her for five minutes until I eventually
threw her back her soiled panty. 'Don't leave yet mom', just as she
turned to exit my room. 'You forgot to put your panty back on.' Mom
didn't say a word, she didn't show any emotion, all she did was breath
heavily, shiver violently and start to pull her panty up her shapely
legs. When she was again clothed she made a hasty exit."

"That was the end of the voyeur stage."

"You mean there is more?"

He smirked, "Much more. I told you it was a long story."

I shifted in my seat, though not to get comfortable. I also crossed
my arms, hiding my hardened nipples that poked aggressively against my

Greg continued, "The next day while she was alone in the kitchen doing
dishes I came up behind her. She saw me and I motioned her to be
silent, then I started to lift the back of her skirt. I half expected
her to stop me, this was so outside of the boundaries that seemed to
be set between us. And when she didn't I began to wonder what the
boundaries actually were, perhaps there wasn't any. Mom never moved
or said a word as I held her skirt to her waist and studied her panty
covered bum. 'Hold your skirt up mom.' She looked behind me to see
if I was serious then she did as I asked."

"I didn't know what to do with her, my father and sister were just in
the other room and this was so beyond anything I ever imagined. A bit
worried to be interrupted I just knelt down behind her and then lifted
the leg of her panty to kiss her one ass cheek."

"It was one the most enjoyable moments of my life. I also noticed
that mom shivered violently when my lips touched her skin but she
never moved an inch."

Greg actually laughed heartily while he seemed to be engrossed about
something. Possibly the image that he conjured up for himself.

"Of course I had to go further. Isn't that was its all about
pushing the limits and finding out what just how far we are able to
go? I pull her panty roughly down to her knees and then pulled apart
her ass cheeks. I don't even remember why I did it, just that it was
something else, something new that I hadn't tried with her yet. And
there before me was the crack of her bum. There were light hairs
running down to the place between her legs and the skin around her bum
hole was dark brown. At first I thought it was dirty but when I saw
that tiny round muscle suddenly clench I actually laughed out and
moved closer to see if it was dirty. Probably I was feeling playful,
this was all new to me then, and tentatively kissed that clenching

I couldn't take much more and I saw that Greg even noticed my obvious
discomfort. "Is this going to take much longer?"

"No, I guess not. The rest is really much the same. I continued to
experiment and try different things out with my mom, and she never
once stopped me. In fact, if she ever spoke it was to beg for more!"

"Your joking?" I really didn't mean it as a question but that was how
he took my statement.

He laughed before answering, "No I'm very serious cuz. I do anything
I want with my mother and she loves every second. In fact she is my

"Your what?" I sat forward amazed at what I had just listened to.
That final statement was too much to believe. My aunt was not
unattractive she is slightly overweight, with large breasts and
hips. I have never known her not to have her long dark brown hair
pulled tight against her head. She was often opinionated and firm but
always kind in her own way. Aunt Kay always wore dresses for as long
as I could remember, and I had noticed her shapely calves and soft
thick thighs as I grew up before I realized the term I would come to
know myself as. The first thing a person notices about my aunt was
her eyes, they were kind of cold.

My cousins words that put the image of my aunt Kay naked and begging
for him just didn't make sense. It was unbelievable and I just had to
call Greg's bluff. I didn't know what game he was playing but I
believed it was time to set him in his place.

"That is a very nasty fantasy you had told me Greg." I couldn't be
too blunt could I?

"It wasn't a fantasy. Its true I fucked her last night after dad
went to bed. She does anything I say mom loves being my slave."

I wanted to wipe that smirk right off his face.

"Your slave? What the hell is that does she clean your room or make
you dinner? Some mothers do that anyway Greg."

"She already did that before but no, I meant, she is my sexual slave.
You don't believe me do you cuz?" I politically nodded no. "Well I
have pictures...", he started to dig into his back pocket pulling out
his wallet, ""

I caught the small clear plastic that emerged from his wallet. A cold
fear took my heart before I even fanned out the tiny images. It
couldn't be real but Greg certainly believed it.

Looking down at the first photo it hit me like a physical blow to the
head there looking back at me was my aunt Kay. All you could see
was her large dark eyes looking right at a camera while a man's cock
was half inside her mouth. It was definitely my aunt. "Oh my god!"

"Go ahead cuz, look at them all."

I did. The next picture was one where my aunt was laying upon a bed,
my cousins bed. She was curled up in a fetal position but she was
completely naked with her full breasts peaking out of her folded arms.
The third picture was from her navel to her face, it showed several
off white pools of what could only be sperm blotched upon her huge
naked breasts and jaw. The fourth was her kneeling on her living room
floor, naked of course, with her wide round ass raised high. The pale
skin of her bottom was very red and a belt was draped across her back.
Obviously my strict aunt had just been punished. The fifth picture
was again on my cousin's bed, Aunt Kay was holding her own knees
almost to her bosom exposing her crotch totally. Exposed was what
could only be a large carrot sticking out of her rectum, a look of
enjoyment on my aunt's face. The last picture was the most
convincing. Nothing special really, just my aunt Kay tied
spreadeagled to her own large bed. On her face was again the pools
of come, some of which was sliding between her lips. But behind the
bed was a mirror, and reflected in it was my cousin Greg, naked with a
camera up to his face as he took the picture.

It was all real!

My cousin Greg was fucking his own mother, my aunt Kay. I looked
again and again at all the photos. My body was extremely excited and
I knew I was trembling.

Greg remained quiet and simply watched me. He of course would not
notice my obvious excitement.

Finally, he broke the silence. "That, is what I wanted to do with
you." I looked up stunned, having only half heard his words and saw
him nod towards the photos in my hand.

"You wanted me to be your slave?" My voice sounded very rough in my
own ears, as my mouth was dry and my body trembled frantically. I
could not believe what I had just heard and witnessed. "Is your mom
not enough?"

Greg laughed lightly and his brow furled as if he was thinking. Then
he finally answered, "Since she first started to watch me jerk off, I
have been testing how far I could push the limits with my mom. I
thought it would be cool if the three of us could have sex."

That got me trembling violently for several seconds before I forced
myself and my breathing to calm. I wasn't even sure why I was having
a physical reaction.

"I didn't know you didn't like guys cuz. I'm sorry."

I just had to ask, "What did you have planned for me Greg?"

He smiled and looked down at the pictures still in my lap. "I was
going to start slow." I handed the small stack of photos back, as
they seemed to distract me too much. "But I eventually wanted to do
anything with the two of you."



"Like?" I sat forward, anxious to hear him tell me exactly what his
plan had been for a submissive cousin and mother.

"I wanted to fuck you."

I nodded. Of course that is what he wanted to do, after all that
happened, I would have been surprised if hadn't said that.

"And I wanted to have you and mom at the same time. I think that
would be cool!" His youthful excitement was showing again.

"You mean both your mom and I with you?"

His head nodded, his enthusiasm showing. "Ya." His eyes glinted into
my own.

"Did you ever want to watch your mom and I have sex?" Now where did
that come from I thought. My body trembled even more violently.

Greg actually frowned, and I knew he had not thought about it. Yet,
at that moment, I knew it was why I was trembling why my sex felt like
hot liquefied metal as it burned my flesh around it.

I wanted to be Greg, I wanted to have a woman as my slave!

Believe me when I tell you that I've never fantasized or considered
such a thing before. And I also knew that not any woman would excite
me as a slave, but a very specific woman. I'll explain later.

My cousin did finally stop frowning and his head bobbed quickly, "God
that would be great cuz! Wow. Would you do that?"

I took a deep breath and realized my body was slowly coming back under
control. The reason, because I had analysed the passionate images and
feelings running through my blood and I wasn't about to let any
adolescent boy control my fantasy. I shrugged, "Even with those
photos its hard to believe Aunt Kay was your slave Greg." I
concentrated on my breathing, as to slow my rapid heartbeat.

He looked a little surprised, after his story and the photos, that I
would still dispute his claims. In truth, though it was rather a
difficult concept to believe, I did indeed. Or perhaps, I just wanted
to believe, for my own selfish reasons.

Before he could start trying to convince me I spoke up, "I have to see
it with my own eyes or its just too unbelievable."

"Sure." He was beaming again, it was obvious he was rather interested
that I believe him. "Why not before church Sunday?"

Before church? Even that nasty voice inside me that wanted this to
happen, felt like dominating my aunt on Sunday was going just a little
far. Just to confirm my own resolutions, Greg added, "I like to feel
her up at church and I make sure she never goes with panties on."

I almost started to tremble again. Thank goodness I again controlled

It wasn't enough, I had to take the initiative, I stood. "How about
right now?"

"Right now?" He looked a little surprised, good.

There was something oddly exciting about what I was going through just
then. I wanted my aunt to be my slave, to do anything I request of
her. I wanted to have photos of her slutty actions in my purse to be
pulled out and shown off at a whim. It was such an alien and exciting
feeling I as undergoing and wanted to fulfil every delicious urge.

"She will just be getting home about now."

"So?" I really liked keeping him offbalance, as cocky as he had been

He stood, "Okay cuz, but she doesn't expect us."

I started to walk towards the door, hearing him follow. "That's how I
want it Greg."

I drove.

We only had to wait about three minutes before Aunt Kay walked through
the door and into her own home. My knees were quivering
uncontrollably as Greg yelled out, "Hello?"

"Hi dear, its just me. Oh, hi Shelly." I was about to answer but my
cousin quickly asked.

"Mom, is Leeza supposed to be home soon?"

His mom threw her coat over the edge of the couch and dropped her
purse on top of that. "No, doesn't she have band after school today?"
I couldn't see but heard her kick off her heels. "Why what's up

Greg smiled towards me then answered, "Just making sure we have some
time alone. Shelly doesn't believe your my sex slave."

As soon as he finished his sentence, I saw all the colour drain from
my Aunt's face. Even with her makeup it was obvious what her son just
said startled her very much. She suddenly stood very still and looked
down at her coat before her, in what I thought was embarrent. But
at the time, I was wrong, it was submission.

Greg pushed it though, "Well mom, tell her?"

Aunt Kay looked up and briefly caught my eye before again lowering her
eyes. She didn't say a word and I looked at Greg in what felt like
amusement. Though, to be truthful I was far too nervous to be amused.

That was when my cousins voice changed, ever so slightly. "Tell her."

She looked up one last time, glaring with anger into her sons eyes
before looking again at her jacket. In a very demur voice she said,
"Greg is my master."

My whole body shivered when she finished her short statement. Not
only was it real, but this strong willed woman whom had been a stern
disciplinary in my life submitted to her son's wishes. To the point
of humiliating herself.

My cunt was on fire.

Greg turned to me in triumph, "Well?" He was beaming, and for once I
didn't begrudge that toothy grin of his.

"I want her."

I didn't actually mean to say that out loud but my cousin looked at me
startled as well as excited. He replied to my statement, "I want to

Looking directly at his mother, and simply nodded my head
affirmatively. It just didn't matter any longer, my blood was boiling
with desire.

"Go to your room mom." I watched as my Aunt looked up briefly,
directly into her sons eyes before retreating to the other end of the
house. I could not read that look. Greg turned back to me, "I guess
you believe me now?"

I was not about to give into that smirk and boyish charm but what I
had witnessed was startling. Perhaps it was just a new part of me
that I was just now discovering. I stood upon my shaky knees and
started to follow my aunt to her room. I could hear my cousin follow
behind me, silently and I could imagine the wide grin that he must be

The bedroom door opened, and of course I knew which room my aunt slept
in. First thing that I noticed when I opened the door, was that smell
that you notice from older peoples bedrooms faint perfume mixed with
stale unknown odours. The next was my aunt seated at the edge of her
bed, shapely legs crossed and her hands clenched upon her lap.

She stared past me and directly to her son.

Pausing only for a second I entered that private room and stood a mere
meter before Aunt Kay, "Take your clothes off." I could feel some
resolve of new strength enter into my limbs half way through that
simple statement. Yet, my voice still shook slightly.

She frowned and sent a piercing gaze towards her son, behind me. I
snapped, "Don't look at him you do what I say!" My aunt's eyes spun
back to me and she met my gaze firmly. It was a look I had been
familiar with years ago, as a young teenager in trouble. Only this
time, things were different everyone in that room knew it.

"Loosen your hair." Her dark brown hair was long and naturally wavy
but had always been pulled back into some type of bun for as long as I
could remember. Looking into my eyes her hands suddenly unclasped and
went behind her head to undo the pins holding her hair tight.

I felt heated energy shoot through my sex at her response to my
request. The surge of power flowed through me, and I revelled in its

As the first tendrils of hair started to cascade down her back I again
repeated my first demand, "Then I want you to take your clothes off."
This time her eyes softened and her gaze lowered to my feet.

Now I knew what my cousin had felt when he discovered her silent
submissiveness. Without a word she followed whatever was directed to

Her slightly quivering fingers slowly undid the front buttons of her
floral dress. Starting at her neck and moving one at a time down.
Soon I saw the wide white brassiere and the tops of her fleshy upper
chest. The buttons ended about her navel and she wiggled her
shoulders out of the arms. Then, finally, my aunt Kay lifted her
bottom slightly, just long enough to push her dress past her hips and
down to her thighs.

Suddenly I saw more of this woman, that had infrequently been in my
fantasies, than ever before. So proper, so well groomed was this
woman that I barely ever saw a bit of fleshy thigh beneath her dress.
At least till that day.

Her dress, laying discarded about her ankles did not leave her naked.
In fact, aunt Kay was still fully covered by her undergarments. Her
slip was next to follow the dress. She sat slightly trembling and
silent with only her white bra and white panties beneath her tan
coloured nylons. Her midriff had a small white roll of flesh,
attesting to her years of soft living. Yet, I barely noticed that as
I devoured the sight of her.

Unfortunately that was when my cousin decided to speak up. "Mom, I
told you never to wear those ugly nylons I'm going to have to punish
you later."

I watched his mother to see her reaction, half expecting her to turn
back to her son, I was surprised when she only stiffened and then
slowly reached behind her back for the bra hooks. I took that time to
turn to my cousin on my left flank, "Shut the fuck up Greg." I was
surprised at the venom in my voice but I had meant what I said.

When I turned back, Aunt Kay was looking up at me also surprised. Her
bra hanging limply still on her shoulders. "Show me your tits
auntie." I never called her "auntie" and we both knew I was mocking

The wide white shoulder straps slipped down her arms and fell to the
floor with her dress and slip. Her breasts were the largest I had
ever seen and I licked my lips in anticipation. My aunt seemed to
look up at me to see my reaction, both her arms pressing together
before her pushing the fleshy mounds together deliciously. My aunt
was not the prim and proper woman that everyone seemed to know in
fact I was certain she was a submissive slut and knew full well how
sexy she looked to me at that moment. I doubted my eyes could hide
the lust I felt for her just then.

I recovered my astonished desire with another firm command, "Now the

Greg was right, the nylons did little to highlight the rather
attractive features of his mothers lower body. In fact, I could
almost envision her shapely full legs encased in black stockings. It
was a very sexy image. Nor were the wide white panties sexy in the
least and the quicker I got her naked, I decided, the better.

Aunt Kay hooked both her thumbs into the material on either side of
her hips and pushed down while stooping forwards slightly. Both her
panty and the nylons resisted but then slipped down her pale skin to
her upper thighs. I barked, "Off, I want you naked."

She moved quicker and finally her feet kicked off the last garment
from her body. My aunt sat naked looking into my eyes almost as if to
say, "I know you want me."

"Stand up away from the bed." I stepped back to give her room. Aunt
Kay stood up and a foot from the bed, watching my eyes watch her. We
both knew the hunger that I they had for her flesh.

"What do you command of me Shelly?"

The question was a bit of a surprise, then I saw her grin. The same
one that her son wore when he thought he was seducing me hours ago.

Taking a single step forwards I stood with my eyes boring into hers.
"Listen carefully Aunt Kay, Greg has given you to me for as long as I
wish", not really true but I didn't much care at that moment, "and
that means you will call me 'mistress' but only when spoken too. Do
you understand slave?" I spoke that last word so harshly that I saw
the look of submission enter into her gaze. It was a thrilling and
exciting sight.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, I do not wish to punish you slut." She jerked at that last
word but didn't move. I reached forward and for the first time
touched a woman in a dominant manner, and my Aunt in a sexual manner,
for the first time. My hand cupped beneath her full breast and lifted
it in my cupped palm. "I would much rather spend my time doing more
enjoyable things. Wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress." She didn't sound too sure, so I gave her nipple a
rough squeeze. Aunt Kay winced and her knees wobbled slightly but
never broke her silence.

"Excellent." Turning my head I saw that my cousin Greg was rubbing
the outside of his pants and the bulge was obvious. Of course I
ignored it. "Greg, do me a favour and go find a razor, shaving cream,
water, and a towel please?"

He looked surprised but nodded and quickly turned and left.

"Now slut, get your ass back on that bed and spread your legs real
wide." She moved slowly but efficiently as she turned about and
crawled into the middle of her own bed. Ending up spread wide, giving
me a generous view of her hairy brown sex.

I remembered her son, and thought to keep her off balance, "Have you
ever had sex with another woman slut?"

She was watching me intently, "No mistress." Good, I wanted to be her
first. In fact, this would be my first, first dominant sexual moment
I mean. This woman who balked at swear words when I was young would
do any sexual thing I wished.

I moved between her legs and bent her knees up and away from her. Her
sex was spread before me, moisture already evident. I've never seen
so much hair between a woman's legs before. Greg returned and placed
the items next to me while watching the scene rather greedy.

You know what I did then I slowly and carefully shaved every hair
from between my aunts legs. From the base of her tail bone, over her
ass hole and cunt hole all the way to her belly button. When I was
done, it was very smooth. Aunt Kay had been very nervous with the
razor around certain areas, but when I was finished her sex was
practically flowing with her sexual spend. And my aunt was thrusting
her crotch towards me at every lightly tough of my fingertips.

Greg was grinning when I looked over to see if he approved of my
handiwork. I always enjoyed my sexual partners to have short pubic
hair or none at all. I've never been sure why this is. Obviously my
cousin thought my work was very fine.

I stood back up next to the bed and took a deep breath. It was nearly
time. To get naked I mean. I've never really been naked in a man's
presence before and was feeling a touch shy. I knew Greg could not
help but appraise me as he must do with other ladies. But at that
moment, I just didn't care. I took one last look at him before taking
a deep breath and starting.

Kay was watching me intently as I quickly disrobed. Her eyes watching
my swaying breasts and my finely trimmed pussy hair. Her mouth was
partially opened and her tongue was running over her lips slowly.
Yet, she had not moved, her legs still spread wide, her knees bent.
My aunt was a submissive, that I no longer doubted. I had considered
letting her disrobe me, but I didn't want that luxury. In fact, what
I wanted right then was hard fast fucking. I wanted my aunt's tongue
to shove itself into my very wet overheated cunt, her teeth to nibble
upon my labia, her finger to pierce my ass hole. I was in no mood to
fool about with clothing.

Greg gasped when I stood naked, my flank towards him. Just because I
was a lesbian doesn't mean I wasn't attractive. I may hide beneath
nondescript clothing and caring little for fashion or style my few
lovers all considered me very sexy in a natural sort of way. My aunt,
she just devoured me with her eyes, her spread sex telling the tail of
her excitement. When I the last stitch of clothing came from my body
my aunt started to tremble revealing her desire for me.

"Now cunt," I climbed up onto the double bed and knelt next to her
head, her eyes piercing my trimmed pubic hair, "time to eat your
mistress's pussy!" I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face
sideways into my sex. Her legs dropped down and her arms quickly
encircled my hips to hold me tightly against her. I immediately felt
her tongue snake out and crush my clitoris in a nonsubtle but
desperate desire that showed just how excited she was becoming.

Now, I'm not embarrassed to admit it didn't take long at all for me to
orgasm upon that virgin tongue. In fact, its a testament to how
passionate I truly was. I kept my eyes open up until the last seconds
before my explosion, watching my aunt's face and mouth as she
frantically ate at my sexual buffet.

When finally it happened, it sort of hit into my sex, into my stomach
and up my spin like a physical blow. It may have been the most
explosive, intense, orgasm of my life. I can't remember how violently
I jerked upon my aunt's pretty face, or when I fell over her, crushing
her face with my sex. I remember feeling electrical bolts shooting up
my spin, of feeling each muscle in my body quivering frantically, and
feeling like I could not breath any longer. I may have even passed
out for a few seconds.

I again became conscious of my surroundings several seconds later. My
body was laying upon my aunt's head. I could feel her arms holding me
firmly, holding me with my quivering sex right above her mouth. All
through my intense orgasm, she had not stopped assaulting my clitoris
with her tongue so when I awoke from my daze, my sensitive sex
started to again rise my excitement level.

Slowly I moved, raising my torso until I kneeled above Aunt Kay's
face, still trying to slow my breathing. I could feel the rough
treatment of my aunt's tongue, moments before it was exactly what I
desired, but now I wanted something different. Slower and softer.

Holding head against the bed, I rolled off her. My aunt still had her
mouth wide and her tongue sticking out. She looked positively
delicious. Better than any fantasy that I have ever enjoyed. I
couldn't help it, I wiggled down until I lay next to her and my face
close to hers. I started to lap at her face, my tongue licking my
abundant juices from her pale skin.

Aunt Kay's eyes opened and she looked very sexy, desirous as she
watched me clean her. I loved the taste of my own juices, especially
off the skin of a lover.

Moments later, I pried her mouth wide with my tongue and then when her
own slide against mine I suddenly sucked it into my mouth. One
girlfriend, years ago, told me when I sucked a tongue like this, I did
it like one would suck a cock. Well, I've no experience in the latter
but know what a thrill it was to suck upon a tongue that still
tasted like my cunt.

"Good slave." I whispered. My Aunt Kay, surprised me by cooing and
pulling me closer against her naked skin. Evidently she enjoyed our
short time together nearly as much as I did.

That was when I felt a presence, my cousin Greg of course. I turned
my head, along with Aunt Kay, and saw him sitting naked stroking his
hard cock. Now, I've never seen a man's organ before, and this
interested me only as far as it was something different or new.
Though next to me, I could feel my aunt quiver at the sight of it and
her hairless pelvis grind up into my hip.

My hand snaked down to her full fleshed sex mound and immediately
started to strum upon her labia. Her hips moved rhythmically up and
down as my fingers sliced through her folds. Again and again she
moved, until her hips quivered none too elegantly as her body strived
for release. My mouth moved down and suckled a wide tan nipple,
roughly nibbling and tonguing its wrinkled surface. I could feel her
rapidly advancing excitement and knew it would not be long before she
too enjoyed an orgasm.

So, I pulled my mouth from that wide nipple and my fingers from her
sex. My aunt cried out when she saw my malicious smile and knew it
would be a while longer until she enjoyed an orgasm.

I slid my dripping wet fingers one at a time into my aunt's mouth, and
she closed her eyes and sucked upon each digit as I imagined she did
for her son's cock. The sheer energy and excitement she placed in
each finger caused a little jealously to arise in me towards Greg.

It wasn't enough, I wanted to feel more dominance towards this woman.
I wanted to cause her to scream out in desire for me, to cry out in
pain and pleasure. I pulled away from her finally and commanded her,
"On your knees slut."

Aunt Kay scrambled to comply, her submission thick enough in the
bedroom to actually feel. She was the toy, the slut, the whore, the
sonfucker, niecelicker and all in the room knew it. It was the
position everyone wanted her to be in. We all gained some form of
pleasure from my aunt's submission and I felt a surge of sexual lust
pulse through my sex knowing that.

She had been in this position before, she knelt upon the bed facing
her son with an exciting but familiar air about it. My aunt, naked
pressed one side of her face into the bed with her shoulders and hands
balancing her. Her knees were spread rather wide which caused her sex
to flower open deliciously behind her. Her round ass, raised high
looked delicious, inviting, and was accentuated by her arched back. I
stole another look towards my cousin and saw him shifting in his
chair, and realized something was going on between the two. Something

Then it hit me, my aunt was seducing her son without ever saying a
word or going against my commands. Her raised ass facing her son was
no mistake, her flowered wet cunt pulsated directly at Greg as if
calling it towards her. My cousin, looked like he was about to lunge
towards his mothers ass cock in hand would probably lead the way.

I had to deflect his attention, if only for a second. "Greg, can you
go get me two of your fathers ties?"

His head snapped up comically and he nodded affirmatively. While I
waited, I pulled my aunt's hands down from her shoulders to her side.
He came in and I couldn't help but smile from the way his penis was
bobbing before him. In his hands were two of his fathers expensive
silk ties. He watched very excitedly as I took one and bound his
mothers wrist and then to her ankle, doing the same to the other ankle
and wrist. Aunt Kay was effectively tied with her hands next to her
feet forcing her to stay in this position for as long as I wished

Greg was standing so close to me that I started to feel uncomfortable,
his prick was mere inches from my shoulder and I truly did not want
him making any advances upon me. So, I moved about until I sat behind
my aunt's raised bottom.

It really was an attractive ass. Very white skin, smooth with light
nearly invisible hairs over it. Her bottom was as the rest of her,
full figured, soft and fleshy but very well proportioned. I
remembered a part of Greg's earlier tale, about spreading his mothers
ass cheeks and kissing her anus. I saw why he found this part of her
exciting it really was a very attractive part of her. To me, it was
her second most appealing feature her legs being first.

I needn't pull her cheeks apart, with her position they were naturally
spread apart. I felt compelled to kiss that tiny clenching muscle,
her dark pink anus, and leaned forwards and placed my lips upon her
round rose. She groaned at my touch. That only prompted me to not
draw away and to slip my tongue out of my mouth and press directly at
the centre of that tight muscle. She pressed back at me as I forced
my tongue into her ass.

It was so naughty, so delicious that I felt heated moisture flow
through my sex. My hand stole down between my legs and I stroked
myself as my tongue very slowly gained ground by digging into Aunt
Kay's ass hole. This was much further than my dreams have ever
progressed, much naughtier than even I could imagine. I loved it.

When I felt that her excitement was reaching a peak I drew back, and
watched her shoulders tremble in expectation and frustration. I
planned on torturing my aunt in a way I knew we would both enjoy.
Leaning over, my tongue trailed from her clitoris to her anus before
sitting back to again taste the juices upon my lips. Yet, that one
quick lick was nearly enough to send my aunt over the edge. I could
hear her sobs of frustration as she wiggled about her bottom, as if it
was searching for my tongue. It would not be that easy.

Aunt Kay was my slave right now, a slave to my desires, not to her
own. I would not be like my cousin who could be controlled simply be
revealing a little ass. I would have her so desperate that she would
do anything for that final orgasm.

I slipped a finger into her splayed out vagina. It went in easily, as
her cunt was well lubricated and it was also rather loose. Her
moisture was running down past my fingers and past my wrist, I've
never seen so much female spend. I realized, the inside of Aunt Kay's
thighs were slick with it, that there was even two little puddles on
the bedspread just inside each knee. I leaned over and licked the
glossy juicy from each thigh, licking slowly and with a patient

I finally spoke to my cousin, "Your slutty slave sure has a wet cunt."
I liked the nasty sound of my own voice, words I've never even used
with respect to a sexual encounter before.

He continued to stroke his cock but laughed lightly, "I like it."

I continued the game, "How often do you get to fuck the slut?"

Greg caught on and he eyed his groaning mother's clenched face then
back to my two fingers plunging in and out of her super wet sex. "As
often as I can. Nearly every day."

"That's it? With a easy slut like this for a slave, I think I'd fuck
her every chance I could get."

He chuckled, "Its not always easy getting privacy..."

I shrugged, knowing what he meant. Privacy from his father and
sister. "Maybe they'd like to join you?" I didn't really mean it,
but was playing a verbal game. But I felt my aunt tense up upon my
finger and then groan deeply, I knew she liked the idea. While my
cousin looked wide eyed at me for a few moments as if this was a new
idea that he'd never imagined. I changed the subject, "Would you go
get me a leather belt Greg?"

He smiled then retreated to comply. I felt Aunt Kay tense up again
from hearing my words and anticipating what was to come next. I slide
a third finger into her loose wet cunt and pressed my thumb against
her relaxed ass hole. Her vagina accepted the three fingers easily
but the ass took a few seconds before it relaxed enough to enable the
thumb to enter up to the first knuckle.

Greg returned and I retired from my position, pulling my fingers from
my aunt's body, and took the thick leather belt. We all knew what was
about to happen, what that belt was for. My aunt was breathing very
rapidly and deeply, her upper body trembling with what I imagined was
desire and fear.

Her ass, if you had not figured it out, was about to get a whipping.

For years, she had been the authority behind my own strapping or
punishments. As a kid she was often the one to suggest punishment to
my parents. Though, rarely was I stuck, I was often humiliated just
the same.

I didn't even say a word, but just stood back from the bed and brought
the belt up, paused, then spun it down rapidly. The crack that
reverberated about the room surprised even me. Aunt Kay jerked
violently and other than a groan and a sharp cry, never said a word.
While Greg, just gasped, "Fucking cool." The inch wide leather left a
deep red welt upon that pale smooth skin, and I knew it must burn

Again the belt descended and my aunt jerked in her bonds. Then again
and again. I flailed her raised white ass until it was a mass of red
welts and glowing burning skin. I must admit, I could never have
undergone such punishment without screaming out in either pain or
humiliation. Yet, Aunt Kay did, and to my amazement, the juices
flowing from her sex were more abundant if that was even possible.

Lifting a leg I pressed my foot against my aunt's shoulder and forced
her over onto her side. Her eyes looked into mine, pleading with me,
but only caused another pleasure bolt to strike into my sex. "Onto
your back slave." I enjoyed her awkward movement as she forced
herself upon her back.

One more time the belt flew. This time landing upon the large round
breasts, exactly along each nipple. This time my aunt did scream out
in pain and I smiled finally. That single scream was enough revenge
that now my other desire could be attended too. Namely my super
excited cunt.

Dropping the belt I pounced upon my aunt's face, my sex quickly coming
in contact with her lips. I knelt above her, rubbing my fuzzy pussy
over her face, but wanting her tongue. I reached down to those wide
brown nipples, with the red welts to the white skin on either side of
them and pinched them harshly. That was enough incentive for her to
open her mouth and I soon felt the tongue dive deeply into my folds.

I rode that tongue like a small cock. Whenever it retreated, I would
twist a nipple and it would return, with a little groan to vibrate my
nether lips. Up and down, side to side, I thrashed mindlessly upon
that face. She was my sex toy, my slave and I was determined to enjoy
her fully. She could not move, her hands bound to her ankles, her
legs bent up to her chest and forced apart. It was a position of
advantage, at least for me.

Through slitted eyes, I saw that glistening bald sex below me and a
new hunger entered into me. I was impassioned, near mindless except
for my own pleasures. I dropped down upon the soft body of my aunt,
my mouth immediately coming into contact with the wet hot inner labia.
I sucked her inner lips into my mouth and felt Aunt Kay do the same to
me. Then I slide my tongue deep into her vagina and she also did the
same. I was in heaven, near mindless as a person could get.

I was harshly sucking upon her clitoris as she was doing the same,
when I felt it for the first time in my life. A thick blunt object
fumbled about my folds before finding and pressing in. It didn't
register at first, but I groaned out with a new and very exciting

Just remembering back to that moment, causes my sex to wetten and
little shivers to run up my spine. The feeling was beyond my
experience but was exquisite. The thick pole moved deliciously back
and forth within me, and seemed to fill me up fully. I can even
remember how my sex seemed to cling to the object as if not wanting it
to pull from my confines.

You, of course, know exactly what it is. Greg, my horny teenage
cousin could not control his hormones any longer and saw a new raised
bottom and his cock lead the way. At that time, not even realizing
what was going on behind me, I loved it. I hate to admit it nor would
I let my cousin know, but I loved every second of it. It was the most
intense sexual feeling I've ever felt. That fumbling frantic tongue
and the hard thrusting cock, all moving to pleasure me.

I came in great waves. Each spasm causing my body to thrash about and
my squeals to reverberate the walls of the room. I felt a wash of
warm wetness flood my depths and it caused another orgasm to shoot
through my body. Then the mouth beneath me bit into my clitoris and
another orgasm ran through my body. A finger pressed firmly into my
anus and that sharp pained intrusion caused another orgasm to jerk
through me.

I lay in a sweaty heap between two other sweaty bodies. My muscles
did not work any longer and quivered uncontrollably. I lay content
within the after glow of my first multiple orgasm. Every inch of my
body seemed to be flowing its energy towards my still spasming sex. I
was exhausted and my mind stayed in a haze for many long minutes.

Not realizing it then, but knowing it now, all three of us came at the
same moment. In a terrific triple mind blowing explosion. I wonder
if such a thing will ever happen again I doubt it.

What caused my foggy mind to return to the present was the feeling of
that thick object, still inside my vagina, start to again grow. That
was when I knew what it was.

I flew forward until I stood at the foot of the bed looking back at
the scene of debauchery I had just left. Greg knelt just over his
mothers forehead and his balls rested upon the bridge of her nose.
Her tongue was licking the underside of his glistening cock as he
looked surprised at me. I hated myself at that moment, disgusted at
what I had just enjoyed. A cock, a man's fuck toy had given me
pleasure. I was confused, a little scared and questioned everything
that I thought I believed towards men.

Retreating a few steps, my exhaustion didn't leave me enough energy to
stand for very long, I sat down upon the chair Greg had sat in
earlier. I watched amazed and a little excited as Greg tilted his
mothers face back and inserted his tool into her mouth. He pumped his
hips, pressing his tool in and out of her mouth and throat while two
fingers slipped down between her thighs and finger fucked her wet sex.
I imagined that pumping tool inside me, how it felt several moments
ago and I felt a shiver of disgust and desire wash through me.

Greg moved about until he knelt between his mothers spread thighs and
easily inserted himself into her sex. Then began a rushed pounding
that Aunt Kay seemed to enjoy very much as her son fucked her roughly.
It took several moments, of which, I felt my mind was still in a hazy
dream, until the both of them orgasmed yet again and Aunt Kay's
screams of pleasure finally woke me up.

Later, as I headed towards the door to my cousin's home, I threatened
him never to speak what happened in that room to anyone especially
to me. He looked a bit confused and a little amused but he agreed.
Greg also offered me the use of his mother, anytime I wished. And to
be honest, I took him up on the offer several times but never with
him even in the same room.

That was three months ago. Like some kind of kinky dream it all is to
me now. Yet it happened. Each time I visit with my cousin and his
mother, I'm always reminded. The last time was Christmas, when my
aunt knelt before me and licked me to orgasm in the bathroom as
everyone else was singing carols in the next room.

Well, enough about my Aunt Kay and my cousin Greg, this really isn't a
story about them. Have you guessed what its about yet? Why I felt so
attracted to having a slave kneel to me? No?

Well, this story is only to explain why I feel such a forbidden
dominance, such a desire that I seduced and feel dominance towards a
woman who happens also to be my mother. So this story is about my new
slave, my slut cunt licking whore, my darling mother.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

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Sex Photo Sex picture

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sex Photo Sex story

Author: Frederick T.
Title: Wedding Bells
Part: 1 of 1
Universe: Stories of Willy Tamarack Willy Tamarack Saga
Keywords: (MBMF Mf Interr anal oral)(MF interr oral anal)(MFf orgy interr)(MF preg oral)
Language: English


1999 Frederick T. Commercial use in any form requires the written
permission of the author and will ensure a portion of the proceeds goes to the
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL) and/or the
American Cancer Society.

!!! WARNING !!!

The following material is a sex story, intended for adults only however
you want to define them. The author accepts no responsibility should this
material fall into the hands of minors or people who would be upset reading
the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual experiences that are
obviously pure fantasy. These stories are written to stand alone but are
based on characters and plots introduced in some of my previous writing. If
you like these stories you might also like "The Adventures of Willy Tamarack,"
"Shack, Lead !" and "The Travels of Willy Tamarack." Characters who appear in
previous works will be identified with (WTA#3) behind their names the first
time they appear in "The Stories." The code is as follows: WTA = The
Adventures of Willy T., SL = "Shack, Lead !", WTT = The Travels of Willy T.
The number(s) following the letters refer to the adventure(s), chapter(s) or
trip(s) in which the character appears. It should go without saying; any
resemblance between the characters in this account and real people, either
living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

If you're still searching for the perfect world that Willy has apparently
found ? In other words: none of his friends contract sexually transmitted
diseases; nobody has bad breath; nobody gets pregnant unless they want to; few
of Willy's friends have any sexual inhibitions or hangups and if they do, they
quickly lose them; everyone always has an orgasm and almost all of the people
live happily ever after. Well, you're probably as close to finding it here as
anywhere else. Remember though, we are all God's children and should treat
each other as such.

A friend of mine once told me, "A day without sex, is a day without joy."
As always, email your comments to the usual.


"Wedding Bells"
(MBMF Mf Interr anal oral)
(MF interr oral anal)
(MFf orgy interr)
(MF preg oral)

Frederick T.

With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution


I woke sweating but it wasn't that hot. I was sleeping alone but sharing
the night with the past...Shit ! Maybe it's the future, must be the dope.....

The Spice Girls were playing in the background. The door to the bedroom
was about half closed when the man looked in. The blonde was several, ok...A
couple of years older than the brunette. Shit ! Fourteen...Maybe, fifteen.
The man just stared at them. There was a haze of marijuana smoke about waist
high throughout the room.

The two sisters were sitting on the bed, passing a bong back and forth.
He tried to think how one of them could have blond hair and the other brown
hair, dark brown, at that. They were very attractive young ladies and so
fucking stoned they didn't notice him standing there. He chuckled a bit
before entering the room.

The house was located in the Southeast part of the city. A rundown
neighborhood, filled with transients. He met them at an ice skating
rink...Well, not really. They were hiding between a row of cars in the
parking lot, sharing a cigarette. He snuck up on them and scared them half to
death. They ran into the building and he watched them skate until their
mother picked them up a while later. She was a single parent, had her hands
full caring for two young daughters and working full time as cocktail waitress
at one of the newer neighborhood casinos.

It took him less than a month to befriend her and was soon sharing her
bed. She was an energetic lover, would do almost anything he asked and
enjoyed it all. He was positive her daughters heard the moans and groans
coming from their mother's bedroom during those nights he visited. Some
evenings the girls would play rough house with him before they went to bed.
They were quite well developed young ladies for their age, the brunette having
a much riper body than her older sister.

The girls caught their mother and him smoking dope one night and then
pestered him for weeks to let them do it. He laughed but was strident in his
refusal. Told them that if they didn't quit bothering him, he'd tell their
mother about catching them smoking that time at the skating rink.

He'd arrived late. The girls should have been in bed but weren't. Both
of them talking at the same time. Their mother had to work a double shift and
wouldn't be home until tomorrow. The man smiled and told them to get into
bed. They strutted their independence..."You aren't our father...We don't
have to do what you say." He laughed and pulled out his bong. They went
right to bed and now he was standing at the door in just his boxer shorts.

The brunette was wearing a little baby doll nightgown, a pale blue. It
came down to about midthigh. He was betting she wasn't wearing any panties.
His cock started to harden in his shorts. The blonde was wearing pink
pajamas, top and bottom. The top was sleeveless, the bottoms ending at her
ankles. He went and sat with them on the bed. Their eyes were slits,
bloodshot from dope smoking. They were very at ease with him and his cock
lurched in his shorts. He flexed it a couple of times and it got harder,
almost visible in his shorts.

After sharing several rounds off the bong, he started tickling the blonde.
He chose her first, knowing she'd be the hardest to persuade. The young thing
was on her back, rolling back and forth, kicking her legs, as he dug his
fingers into her almost meatless waist. She filled the room with gales of
laughter. The brunette immediately got jealous and started to tickle him.
They both attacked him as he turned his attention to the brunette. His cock
was getting harder. Sooner or later one of them was going to notice the hard
pole of desire growing in his groin. Sooner or later it would escape through
the fly of his boxers.

He was on his back fighting off the little brunette when the blonde sat on
his hardon. He audibly groaned as she wiggled around, rubbing her crotch
against his hard cock. She had to notice but was too busy tickling under his
arms as the brunette fought to keep his arms above his head. He started
grinding his cock against her crotch and she jumped off him to see what the
hard thing was.

Her laughter filled the room as his cock had worked it's way out of his
fly, visible to her gaze. The brunette looked down and told her sister to
grab it. The three of them were almost frozen in time until the blonde slowly
reached out and wrapped her hand around his cock. Her fingers didn't quite
reach around his girth. He pushed himself up to his elbows and grasped her
hand as it encompassed his dick. Slowly he guided her hand up and down his
shaft. The brunette was giggling as the man slowly ran his other hand down
her back. She was indeed pantiless and he rubbed his hand against her smooth
butt, finally giving it a squeeze.

The brunette wanted her turn and forced the blonde's hand off his cock.
She was bent over, grasping his cock when he slid his hand between her legs.
He found a large amount of kinky hair growing on her pussy. When he started
to massage it, she let out a little shriek. The blonde was wide eyed, just

He rolled the brunette to her side and in the process pulled the baby doll
up, baring her hair covered pussy. He wasted no time moving his face to her
loins. Soon he was licking all meat and the brunette was jacking him off with
a passion. As his tongue was exploring her wet cunt and smooth butt, he felt
her mouth encompass his cock head. That was all it took and he started
spurting a flood of semen into her mouth. He could hear her sister cry out
something but was too far gone to understand it. Most of his cum ended up on
his stomach and her baby doll.

The blonde reached down and stuck her finger into it, rubbing it around on
his stomach. He reached for her and wrestled her bottoms off. She too had a
nice hairy little snatch. A small "V" of dark, curly pubic hair covered her
mons and soon he was licking her. She was much more vocal than her sister and
then he felt her sister's mouth on his soft cock. He was thrusting as she
sucked and soon was as hard as he got.

He crawled between the blonde's legs and was poking his cock against her
hair covered lips when he heard the metallic sound. He froze. The blonde was
wiggling below him, his cock head against her cunt. He rolled off her and
sprang off the bed. The door was fully open and standing there were two men,
ten years his junior...Both of them carrying double barreled shot guns. One
of them blonde, the other with very dark hair.

Simultaneously they chorused, "You are going to marry my daughter, aren't
you ?"


One paddle and I was up. I dropped my right foot to the tail and dug the
right rear rail into the swell. The nose started to come around to the right
and I was already moving forward, trimming to gain speed. The board floated
to the top of the knee high wave. I casually walked the rest of the distance
and planted five toes on the nose. The wall collapsed as I back peddled,
throwing the nose toward the shore until the wall formed again. Back to the
right, the board rose, to the nose I went and stood there until the next
section disappeared behind me. Another cut back and I was in the shore break.
I kicked out, landing on my stomach, jumped up to my knees and began paddling

The sun was just breaking the horizon. I could see the van in the
distance but didn't see Erin. Probably still asleep. I'd spent most of the
week packing her shit into boxes, then Wednesday helped the movers load her
shit into the van and off it went to Henderson, Nevada. We'd driven down to
Pendleton Wednesday afternoon and I surfed waist high waves until it was too
dark to see. We cooked on the grill, went skinny dipping and ended up making
love at the edge of the surf. The waves washing over us as the tide came in.

That night a platoon or whatever of marines built their camp around the
van and when I got up to surf the next morning, I had to sneak through their
ranks to make it to the waves. Erin freaked out when she got up and found all
these young marines curled up on the sand around the van. I laughed thinking
what Carol would probably do in the same circumstances. I shot the shit with
their platoon commander while Erin put some tea on the grill. They left
shortly after seven; going off to do whatever marines do...I suppose.

I scratched for the horizon as the next set was forming outside. I picked
the third wave as it appeared the largest and rode it all the way to shore.
The sun was well above the horizon and I was hungry. Carol would have come
with me but she had to take the orals for her real estate license this
weekend. Plus she thought it was a good idea if I bonded with Erin alone.
Carol said Erin didn't think I was serious about wanting to marry both of
them. We planned on leaving early Saturday morning for Nevada. I cooked as
Erin slept. Sooner or later the smell of bacon would wake her.

Erin O'Connel rolled over, half asleep. She could smell the bacon and
wondered if the marines were still training or whatever. She rolled to the
sliding door and found Willy working on the bacon, a joint hanging out of his
mouth. She rolled to her back. She couldn't believe they did it and didn't
get caught. Not a word in the news papers. Not a word on T.V. She'd been
told to read everything and watch all the news. That stopped when Willy
arrived and helped her pack up and move.

Her mind floated back to the week before Willy arrived.....The young man
rang the bell late at night...About ten or so. Erin wasn't about to let him
in until he pushed an envelope through the mail slot. She read the note.

How's life ? Willy and I are anxious for you to
move up here. Hoped you might give my friend a
place to stay. His name's Hank and...Well, you'll
figure it out. Can't wait for you to get here.
Peace, Carol

Jesus ! The kid was a sexual athlete. Fucked her four or five times the
first night ! She was almost afraid to come home the next afternoon. About
fiveten, twentyfive or so, great body and hardly got soft. Not like Willy's
hardons...The ones that last all night, it seems...She needed to work on this
guy but damn near every time he filled her cunt or mouth with loads of jizzim.
She missed that with Willy but if this kid was any indication she wouldn't
have to worry about it when she got to Las Vegas.....

She wondered if Willy'd fuck her before breakfast. She was horny. She
pulled her "T" shirt off over her head and rolled out of the van. Willy
looked up, dropped the joint and then his trunks. His cock was starting to
get hard as Erin backed up and hopped back into the van. He was hard when he
climbed in and his cock felt so fucking good as he fucked the shit out of her.
They were both a sweaty heap when she finally came, bucking up against his
face after he'd fucked her for a while.


The man was wearing a coat and ascot...An aristocrat. Carol was glad she
dressed up. She was still a little shaky from last night and was relieved the
appointment wasn't until five o'clock. His name was Jay Newman. His wife was
Charlie. He was about sixty, maybe a little older. His wife about fiftyfive
or so, very skinny with brown, mousy hair. When she left the room to get some
refreshments, he started.

"An interesting episode in California...Two...No...Three weeks ago. You
and that friend of yours...Willy Tamarack...Some creative planning involved."
He paused. "Very calculated. Even though it was a very personal matter, you
both handled it quite professionally."

Carol was sweating. Frank set this up...That asshole. She couldn't
believe he'd spill the beans. And what the fuck did this have to do with real
estate ? She remained silent.

"Let me see...About a year and a half ago. Willy flew out of a DEA trap
and made off with close to a hundred and fifty thousand. Quick thinking.
Commendable. Do you know he led a group of about fifty specially trained
agents on a twenty mile forced march for three days, doubled back and lost
them. Disappeared into thin air is what the report says."

"Says here he then went on to set up a very large marijuana farm in
Southern Idaho and eventually got involved with a couple making porn flicks
with teenagers. Split after ripping off several tapes...Apparently of a
friend of his who got mixed up with the couple here in Las Vegas."

Carol remained silent but was spooked. This guy knew everything and Frank
knew nothing about the drug bust money...Only Gary and Wanda...Maybe they told
Frank...Nah !?

"Admirable qualities...Friendship...Loyalty...You don't find that often in
today's world. He doesn't spend too much time with you, in Green Valley, does
he ? He must have a place some where close...Probably has a large farm and,
if his tastes haven't changed, is probably seeing lots of young ladies." He
looked up and stared at her. "You're much better looking than what this

Carol smiled at him. "Frank tell you all that shit ?"

He smiled but didn't say a word. Carol stared back at him until he
finally looked down at his notes and started talking again. "You've got a
real good chance to make a killing here in 'Vegas. Both of you. I'd like to
be able to call on your services every so often...Don't worry, I'll give you
plenty of notice, only after looking at last night's sheet...You don't need it
sometimes, do you ?"

Carol shivered.....Last night flooded her mind. She was keyed up about
the interview and went out to gamble. The tall black guy who valet parked her
was very good looking. John was his name and Carol made a point to ask him
when he got off work. When he told her, she said. "See you at two then."
She gambled for over three hours, had dinner and gambled some more. Willy'd
given her a grand before he left for the beach. She had no idea whether it
was from the drug bust or the sting. She parlayed the last two hundred of
Willy's stipend into over eight hundred, playing poker with three guys from
New Mexico who couldn't play worth shit but thought they could. I wonder if
he knows I just left the black valet about thirty minutes before I got here ?

"It says here you turned two...Three hundred into over eight or nine last
night...True ?" Carol nodded her head. "Ok ! Ok ! Enough of this shit.
Every once and a while I'd like to send you a couple or maybe a single man who
is either moving here or thinking about it. I'd like you to entertain them.
The works; comp their rooms, booze, dope and of course...Fucking. You like to
fuck, don't you." It wasn't a question.

Carol looked him right in the eye and said. "I won't fuck for money like
that...I'm assuming this involves real estate...If I like the guy...I'll do
anything to make the sale...I figure the commissions on these houses are going
to be nothing to sneeze at. I'm not going to come on to a guy for a hundred
thousand dollar home...we're talking millions here, aren't we ?"

He changed the subject. "You know the movies Willy made in Idaho really
made some big money ?" This was news to Carol. She was confident that, if
Willy was involved at all, he did it just to get Gary off the hook. What kind
of money was this guy talking about ?

Before she could ask, he calmly stated. "Two hundred thousand each...That
went to the couple...The couple who Willy stole those tapes from...Of your
friend, Gary."

Shit ! Carol had no idea what was involved in Idaho. Willy had so many
tapes of sexual encounters. She knew he hid them all around...All in bank
vaults. She made her decision. "Ok ! I'm interested but if you're talking
videos I can't do that part of it. I can help but you'll have to talk with
Willy...And Erin, too. She's part of it"

"Your friend, Erin, is already taken care of. I assume you're smart
enough to realize that Ron is not just some lawyer."

Carol smiled a very large smile. She and Willy had already come up with a
plan for Ron...And Ron was going to love it.

"Bring them both over tomorrow afternoon...Here...About three...I want to
talk with Willy...Can you make that work ?"

Carol nodded her head and then he said. "Well...That about does it except

Carol interrupted him. "Convincing you to buy a five hundred thousand
dollar house...Shit ! Let's make it a million...Shall we ?"

Jay just nodded his head as the woman started taking off her clothes. He
remained clothed. "This won't work with most of them. You'll scare them

That trailed off as she was naked and moving toward him. She was on her
knees, pulling his cock out of his fly...And sucking on it's head. She hadn't
said a word yet and the women usually did by now.

Carol couldn't believe the size of this guy's cock. It made Willy look
like king kong. She licked around the head and then gobbled it all up.

Jay could hardly think. This was a real fucking blow job. He struggled
to make it come out right. "You know a video of you taking on...Aaagh !
Taking on a high school basketball team would make you close to five hundred
grand...Fuck ! You've got twice the body, Connie said you had..."

Carol paused and then continued sucking. Connie, huh ?! Makes sense,
with the cock on Rich. There are probably several videos of theirs making the
rounds...Maybe the one she was in ? He was starting to tremble as she
redoubled her effort and sucked the jizzim right out of his balls. He backed
away still wearing his slacks, shirt, ascot and jacket...His cock barely
visible in his open fly.

Carol was thinking it through...Didn't notice the wife enter the room.
She was wearing a leather suit below the waist, nude above. She looked like a
young boy with the wig gone. Out of her groin grew a hard rubber cock, pretty
good size, too.


Willy opened the kitchen door. It was locked and that was unusual. Erin
was sitting in the still running van with the garage door open. Willy even
told her to sit in the driver's seat. "Beat feet if the shit hits the fan."
She couldn't believe how cautious he was...Almost like he didn't trust Carol.
He disappeared from sight for about three minutes. When he got back, he had a
big shit eatin' grin on his face. He motioned for her to join him while he
closed the garage door.

Shit ! I found Carol blowing a young black guy. Well...Not real young.
I mean twentyfive or six. Doesn't pay to be too cautious, though. I led
Erin through the kitchen, to the master bedroom. Carol was up on her knees,
sucking this guy's brains out. I pulled Erin into the room with me and
coughed. The black guy sat up straight, a look of annoyance on his face, and
Carol turned toward the door.

"Sorry to break this up...I'm Willy and this is Erin. I need to talk with

The black guy didn't look any happier. "John...These are the people I was
talking about." She jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Erin was
staring at his cock. It looked a lot longer than mine...And had a real unique
head on it...Almost like the handle end of a baseball bat.

"Erin...Why don't you keep John company for a bit. Then come join us in
the hot tub." I turned and left the room. Carol was drawing water. I
started to take off my clothes.

She started at the beginning. Every once and a while we could hear Erin
squealing...Maybe shrieking is a better word. Carol mentioned that when it
came to fucking, this guy was a stud. I laughed and popped a tab of "fuck."
No sense giving him a fair shot...Shit ! He was twenty years my junior !

Carol finished up with, "...anyway...I figure we go...See what he's
offering. I know you won't do anything without the players permission. But
you're doing it already...Just not selling them. What's the harm in asking ?"

John entered the bathroom. His cock was slimy and hanging half way down
his thigh, or so it seemed. He stopped about three feet away. "You're not
gay or bi...Are you ?" Carol started laughing. I smiled and then John sat
down on the edge of the hot tub. Carol swam over to him and started to nibble
on his cock. I was getting hard, even in the hot water. She was jerking him
and just sucking on the head of his cock. I got up and he stared at my hardon
for a moment before going back to watching Carol give him head.

Erin appeared at the door to the bathroom. I could see his jizzim in her
crotch. He looked over his shoulder at her. Then she crossed the tile and
knelt next to him as Carol sucked his cock. They started kissing and I raised
Carol to her feet and entered her from behind as she continued to suck on
John's cock. Her cunt was stretched. I knew he'd fucked her three, maybe
four times. Her asshole was clamped shut though and I was hot to plug her
butt. I didn't think John had been there yet.

She hardly missed a beat as I forced my cock into her ass...And then I
started fucking her. Hard and fast. She came in less than five minutes as I
jerked around behind her. All the while she was telling John that I was
fucking her in the ass...That is when she wasn't sucking the life back into
his cock. I was amazed at how long it was. Maybe not much thicker than mine
but almost twice the length. She moaned real loud when he worked it into her
bowels...And then fuck...Yea ! You could say that John fucked her. For about
fifteen minutes he pounded her senseless. He screams of ecstasy filled the
tilled bathroom. Erin was fingering herself but I just watched the show. It
was very impressive.

His cock looked like a chocolate ice cream stick when he dragged it out of
her ass. Long streaks of white cum ran up and down the sides of his dick. I
got up and filled her again. Her insides were like warm mush. I fucked her
like a maniac, watching his jizzim escape from around my cock. It didn't take
long and Carol was lying on the side of the tile, panting. Erin just stared,
wide eyed.

My cock was still hard as I sank down in the water to wash off. Jesus !
I was sweating like a pig. So was Carol. The sweat pooled on her back and
her legs were spread just enough to allow a view of the cum seeping out of her

I torched up a joint. "Sorry...John...But we've got to be some place in a
little while. Carol knows how to get in touch with you...I imagine."

He nodded and struggled out of the tub...Not believing it had gone exactly
how they told him it would. The first night he was afraid she wouldn't take
notice. After she told him she'd be back at two, he breathed a little easier
but was still edgy until she wandered out of the casino about five minutes
before he got off work. Fuck ! She was a hot bitch and fucked and sucked his
brains out until the sun came up. He prayed he performed up to her
expectations. This was his first big case and he'd been told he was playing
in the big leagues now.

He remembered how she picked him up last night...Well, really early
morning...Drove right up at two a.m., her skirt hiked up above her waist...A
hand between her legs, asking if he could scratch her itch. Jesus ! He
counted fucking her four times last night. She wouldn't let him stop...He
never thought he'd get it up this morning when she started sucking him...And
then...Jesus ! Another one...A blonde...Not quite as hot...Different almost
innocent. He was in. He knew it and could hardly wait to pass the word.

I let Carol sleep on the tile floor. Shit ! It was over eightyfive in
the bathroom when you cooked off the Jacuzzi...Always warmed the place up too
much. I jumped into a cold shower with Erin.

Carol rolled over, the events of the last several evenings flooding her
mind. Jay's wife looked like a young man and the cock she used on her was
unreal...Hard as Willy got on the pills but pliable. The woman could form it
into strange shapes and then ream it into her cunt or ass...And she did that
for almost an hour. If Carol hadn't been getting a steady diet of Willy's
hour long hardons, she wouldn't have been able to walk out to her car. The
woman only quit when she was exhausted. Carol giggled. She went right out,
had a good meal and picked up John at two...Now ! That was some fucking. She
remembered the first time he came in her. Like a geyser. She could feel it
flood out of her womb and dribble down her ass cheeks. She was sucking his
cock before he rolled to his back. His groan was defining.


We've been busy since that afternoon. Lots of shit going on. Trying to
plan the wedding and Jay got Carol her first prospective sale. Frank gave it
to her on Tuesday afternoon. She called me as soon as Frank left the office;
told me she'd be late because some papers didn't get where they were supposed
to get. Our little code...Usually I couldn't remember what it meant but that
was ok !? I'd just built the timer back up to twentyfour hours of sun
light...Start another cycle. Got over three pounds of bud...Just crazy. We
were meeting the lawyer for lunch at Terra Sushi tomorrow. He was in for a
big afternoon.

I told Erin that Carol wouldn't be able to make it and briefed her on the
whole thing. She looked great dressed in a woman's suit with heels...Straight
from Wall Street. I dressed in a suit and tie like I did Saturday night. I
was glad I had as it was all business.....Of course, I would only use ladies
who signed off on it...The final product...Not stills or any other shit...I
was totally in charge and could sell or not sell. Jay said we'd negotiate for
every video. Jay'd watch it...Make an offer...I'd make the final
decision...Yes or no.....Back to lunch.

I was laughing. The fucking shyster didn't recognize me...Then I
remembered he'd only met general Moore. I had an Ashai Dry and he drank green
tea. So did Erin. He was quick and to the point. They just had an associate
make partner...three years. Worked real estate law. Her criminal law would
be welcome in the partnership. Erin talked money.

"Starting...eightyfive k's, plus a percentage of the net...Should work
out to a little over a hundred grand the first year...But don't quote me on
that. You come highly recommended...Jay Newman is someone to know."

Erin left for the lady's room and I snapped my fingers. The young girl
rushed over with another Ashai Dry. She giggled a little and covered her
mouth. I started. "You're probably too young for the war...Am I right ?"

He nodded, his eyes riveted to the young girl as she moved away from the
table. "Oriental women...Young ones especially...Couldn't beat them away with
a stick. Suck and fuck your brains out...For a song or a warm meal...Those
were the days...I was young..." This was a line right out of the fiction of
Vietnam and while I'm sure there was some of that going on ?? If there was ?
I sure wasn't privy to it.

He was staring at me. "If you can get the afternoon off we could go out
and fuck around a little." He looked at me strangely. "Come on, it'll be a
lot of fun. You'll kick yourself if you don't join me."

Still, he wouldn't commit. "You can drive your own car. I'll give you
the address. If you're not cool with it, you can leave."

The slight nod came just as Erin sat down. I excused myself and went to
use the phone. J.J. was always hard to get a hold of. He never spent two
nights at the same place. Gee Gee picked up the page and I could tell she was
at a pay phone. In under a minute, we were off the phone. Sharon would be at
my place by two. It was onefifteen.

I tapped the young Japanese girl on the shoulder and told her I forgot her
name. Shit ! I don't think I ever knew it. "Jackie." Sounded strange to me
but what was I to say ? She said she could make it by three, maybe. I told
her to be out back in ten minutes and then told mamasan that I needed some
cleaning done...Wanted to borrow Jackie.

Erin had the van started while I was shaking Ron's hand. I whispered in
his ear. "Give Erin something to do this afternoon. We need the condo and
while Erin is cool to party with. This afternoon will be plenty special
without her...Get me ?" I smiled at him.

Ron Lyster didn't know what to believe about this guy. Was he offering
him some young stuff ? Jesus ! What he wouldn't do to spend an hour or two
with that young Japanese girl. "Aaah...Erin...Could you run me some errands
this afternoon ? I forgot to tell you...I'm the partner you work for
directly. Tomorrow morning, ten sharp...In my office." He gave her one of
his cards and then droned on for several minutes. I lost track of what he was
saying but Erin just stared at him and then put the van in gear and was gone.

We headed to the condo in Ron's Audi...And when the young Japanese girl
got off the floor boards in the back seat he did about three double takes.
Sharon was walking up the road that led to the condo, through the trees. I
had Ron stop for her. She was in the car and on my lap in seconds. I had the
garage door coming up and Ron drove right in. The four wheel drive job was
parked inside. The door was on the way down as I got out of Ron's car,
shooing Sharon and Jackie in front of me. The two of them were on their way
to the bathroom; they just had to pee.

Ron was laughing like crazy as I fired up the bong. After a nice hit, I
held it out for him. Ron shook his head and then Sharon and Jackie were all
over us, going for the bong. Sharon took a huge hit and groaned as she
released the smoke.

"Willy...Is this the stuff that makes me so horny ?" I just nodded. Ron
laughed again and she continued. "Oh ! Good !" She handed the bong to Ron,
again he shook his head. "It always makes Willy hard for an hour or so."
Sharon passed the bong to Jackie and the Japanese girl took a giant rip. This
time, when Ron was handed the bong, he took a huge hit. I got to my feet and
held my hand out for Sharon.

Sharon was bouncing up and down on my cock when Ron looked in the door
way. He moved out to get a better view and then pulled Jackie with him down
the hall. She was still dressed but her face was puffy, like she'd been
blowing him. I rolled Sharon off of me and walked to the closet. I had two
T.V.'s set up on a shelf. I turned them both on and their corresponding
VCR's, finally stepping away. Jackie was sitting on the bed sucking on his
cock, while Ron frantically tried to get his clothes off. I knew he was going
to blow a load in her mouth as he'd stopped taking his shirt off and grabbed
her head. I zoomed in to get a good shot of her face as the jizzim dribbled
out of the side of her mouth.

I called Sharon over and had her stand in front of me. I poked my cock in
between her ass and soon felt her hand guiding me into her warmth. Her pussy
nibbled on my cock as I forced it into her. Good and tight with just the
taste of bone. I fucked in and out of her while I watched Jackie and Ron
tearing off their clothes and getting on the bed. I gave Ron a little pink
pill with his drink at lunch. I'm experimenting with quantity as I never want
to run out of them. Anyway...He's moving toward Jackie's hairless pussy, just
hard as snot. God ! Did he fuck that young Japanese girl ?! I got tired of
watching and took Sharon back to bed.


We were at the shyster's house...Ron Lyster...Some kind of political
shindig...lots of prominent people there...The governor, mayor of Las
Vegas...It went on and on. Carol brought the people. George and Harriet
LaBlume...No shit ! I kid you not. I almost laughed when she told me about
them. Carol didn't think a young man could do it. "The wife is a little
heavy...But has huge tits...And they have a fourteen year old daughter...Want
me to have them bring her ?" Grass green ? Pope a Catholic ? Wild
bear...Well, you get it, I imagine !?

I spruced up in a jacket and tie, mind you, ready to rub elbows with the
rich and famous. (This is getting to be a habit, getting dressed up. Since
the "sting," as I call it, Carol has been bugging me to dress "nicer," as she
calls it.) Erin yelled down the hall to us as Carol and I were showering. We
could hardly hear her and it was two or three minutes before she pulled the
shower curtain aside. "Hey ! For all practical purposes we are rich. The
three of us are worth over two hundred thousand and that doesn't count what
Willy's squirreled away in the earth. I've never seen a guy with more mole

Carol was looking at me very hard. "Ok ! Erin and I buried a little here
and there in California. Cash mostly...And a little dope. I got fifteen
hundred a pound for the stuff I sold. Shit ! If I can salt that much away
every harvest...that's...that's twelve thousand a year...And I'm still working
on increasing the yield. I'm not through, yet."

"You started carrying a gun, yet ?" I looked at her with amazement but I
did feel real naked when I delivered two pounds of ripe bud to this guy. All
he had to do... "And what happens if they change the money, Erin ? We need
to get more of this into the market...Stocks, bonds...Better yet, gold ! Find
us a good money man...And as soon as we find one...Let's sign him up."

George LaBlume was that man. He just didn't know it, yet. I wandered
through the party just gawking in a very polite manner. Ron was in his
element and even Jay Newman made an appearance. Not knowing a soul, other
than those two, I spent most of my time walking around aimlessly. I ended up
behind the pool house in some lush bushes. I toked up my traveling bong and
in less than a minute...You're not going to believe this...Carol set this up.

She met the young thing in the head, dropped a joint on the floor. The
young girl was a freshman in high school. She knew what a joint was and
quickly mobbed Carol. "Can you get me some ?"

"Aaaah...This is all I have but I got it from a guy named Willy. He's
around here some where, wearing the jacket with the fraternity crest on it.
Has short brown hair, going gray."

The young girl laughed and said, "That sounds like just about everyone
here." Carol laughed, thinking of George...Not listening at all to the young
lady in front of her. George was a very good looking man. A few years
younger than Willy. A little heavy like his wife but it didn't look bad on a
man. She imagined him without the jacket. His belly starting to go, his
pecks flabby. Willy worked hard on that. The young lady was pleading and
Carol finally told her. "Tell him Carol sent you. He'll know what you're
talking about." And that's exactly what she said.

We were toking up another bong full when some young kid peeked around the
corner. Maybe, her younger brother. "I'm telling mom..."

I held out the bong to him and squeaked out, "Take a couple of hits first.
This is really good shit." He was a tall kid. A couple of inches taller than
his sister. He had a good tan and sandy blonde hair, just like his sister. I
held out my hand and said. "Willy Tamarack...And you two are ?"

"Sandy" and "Mike" almost over lapped. I laughed and asked what their
last name was and they chorused "Lyster." I smiled and filled the bong again.
Two good friends to have.

After about three hits apiece, I could hardly stand. The kids were
leaning up against the side of the pool house. Sandy was a good looking kid
just like her mother. Slim, small busted, natural looking. I'd met Becky Sue
when I arrived. Very good looking, about Carol's age. They'd been here for a
little over six months. I wondered if they'd changed ? Las Vegas does that
to people.

Anyway...Sandy blurts out, "Oh ! Shit...You're supposed to meet your wife
at three." I looked at my watch...Threetwenty. I excused myself and headed
for the pool area. Most of the real action was inside...Outside was for
smokers...Shit ! Nevada's getting as bad a California...Well...Not really.
But there's a lot of shit going on here. People are making a killing right
and left. The last of the open frontier. Land deals...public service
deals...The fastest growing city in the good ol' U.S. of A.

I saw Carol and hurried toward her. George was good looking, maybe
handsome even. The wife was heavy but very attractive with dark, dark hair.
I noticed a fine down of short, dark hair adorned her arm as she shook my
hand. The daughter was her twin, only she a teenager. Gorgeous ! I shook
her hand as well. Not nearly as much hair. I was getting a woody as I stood

"Yo ! Earth to Willy !" Brought me back. I listened to Carol and then
turned, giving the impression that I was about to rush off, to take care of
business. She wanted their room upgraded...At no cost to them. "Better
yet...There's an open suite next door to us, Willy...You know the one with the
sunken hot tub in the master bedroom. Get Athena a room, too." We'd made all
these arrangements before...Days before.

Harriet was quick to enter the fight. She said they couldn't possibly
move. They were leaving tomorrow. George piped up with the suggestion, they
could leave Monday morning. Harriet refused. Athena couldn't miss school,
couldn't miss even a day. Carol countered with, "Well...How about letting
Willy and I show you around Las Vegas next weekend then...You busy, honey ?"
Of course, I wasn't. "Could you find someone to watch Athena...As much as
we'd like to think it so. Las Vegas is still an adult amusement park...Not
much for young ladies to do. I wouldn't think ?" I almost laughed.

The week dragged. The women had bickered for almost fifteen minutes.
Harriet countering every one of Carol's moves. "...She's afraid her
husband'll come on to me. Shit ! He already has. They live in Huntington
Beach and I kind of thought you could run into her while you were surfing ?"
Shit ! I wasn't doing anything else, except watching the plants grow. At
least this would fill the middle part of the week.

Made contact while carrying my board from the surf and up the beach. She
was walking by...Hardly remembered me but did remember Carol. I ended up
inviting her to lunch. Her husband worked up in L.A. She went on and on
about his banking. I asked her if she could mention that I was looking for a
place to park a sizable amount of money ? She looked at me strangely, paused
and then asked, "This isn't drug money or something like that...Is it ?"

Well...It really wasn't, yet. I wanted to bury a lot of that around...Get
away money. You never knew...I assured her that it wasn't. I told her my
wife had made some rather large commissions lately and then thanked her
profusely for considering my wife as their agent. I explained that the comped
weekend could be arranged without my or my wife's assistance. I wrote a
number on a card and handed it to her.

"I know how you feel...Carol does that to men. It sometimes bothers me
but I get to take her home each night. I was hoping that while the two of
them were busy gambling...Maybe, you and I could sneak away and do some
shopping. They've got some dynamite specialty stores..." I droned on and on
for a few minutes and then looked at my watch. "...Jesus ! I've got to
run...Meeting my parents at the Balboa Bay club...You want to come ?"

She stammered a bit and then asked about Athena. "Bring her !" I said.
I'll leave your name with the valet. He'll bring you right to the table."

A pleasant time was had by all. My dad spent most of his time asking
about my killing on the market. Harriet just soaked it all up. My dad was
buying stock like a fool in the down turn. A true contrarian. Getting in on
the down slide was ok with me, too. I couldn't quite see me going into a
brokerage house with a suitcase and buying a thousand shares of Intel. "Would
you take cash ?"

Lunch turned into dinner; and after dinner, I guided Harriet and Athena to
the bar and bought us a round...Kahula for Harriet and I, coke for Athena. My
parents were long gone, off to see some other people. Hard to keep up with

During our after dinner drink. I encouraged Athena to go out and watch
the boats slide by. That left me with Harriet. She was going on and on about
the shopping in Newport Beach and Fashion Island. I assured her that Las
Vegas was a wash with malls that gave this place a run for it's money. That
sealed it. She asked me to reserve them a place for the weekend. "Could you
come to pick us up ?" I told her I'd take care of everything...Make their
reservations, they'd be right next door to us...And send a car to the airport
to pick them up.


When I arrived back in 'Vegas, I was a hero...Carol was overjoyed. I was
pretty happy, too. It had been too easy, though.

George and Harriet were met at the gate by John. He had one of those
signs...Maybe it was a chalk board ? "LaBlume" The rooms were ready and I
met them at the desk. Carol would be by shortly. Would they like to see more
homes ? Maybe tomorrow ? Would Harriet like to go up stairs and freshen up ?
Off she went with the bell boy and their luggage. I told her we'd be right
here when she got back.

Carol showed up as soon as she left. A coincidence ? I doubt it. Off
went Mr. LaBlume and Ms. Tamarack. My bargain with Carol was to keep the wife
away from our room. What would she want to go to our room for ? Their room
was fabulous...Even if it was right next to ours.

I waited over a half an hour before she showed up and then whisked her
away to the Forum. Harriet shopped and tried on things for two hours. She
made me promise to bring her back tomorrow after she separated some money from
her husband. I talked her into stopping at the tables on the way back and
with a whole lot of luck, parlayed a couple of hundred into about seven
hundred playing black jack. Carol had this system and if I wasn't stoned...It
worked pretty good. Harriet got very excited while I gambled and I soon
parlayed a couple of her twenties into a couple of hundred. We headed back to
the Forum and she picked up three outfits in less than ten minutes. It took
us longer to pay for the shit than it took her to pick out the shit.

We're back in their suite. I go from room to room as if inspecting;
seeing if everything is all right. I've turned on the stereo. The sun was
just going down. I poured Harriet a glass of wine and fired up the bong. She
was in the bathroom; came out all flushed and washed. She looked very nice.
Like I said...A little heavy but the tits made up for it. She noticed the
phone light was blinking, picked up the phone and pressed a button. She
listened and then told me. "They want us to meet them at eleven...The
Mirage...for dinner...They're playing an interesting game downtown."

I imagined them bare ass naked and fucking like minks next door.
Hopefully, in a short time...We'll be doing the same thing. My cock started
to thicken in my slacks. She'd just noticed the dope. "Is that marijuana ?"

"Did you talk with your husband about the money ?" I could tell by her
answer that she hadn't but she droned on and on. I finally stopped her by
placing my lips on hers. She stared me all the way in and couldn't quite
believe what I was going to do. "I've wanted to do that since the afternoon I
first saw you." She was quiet. Didn't make a sound. Her eyes were clouded
and I handed her the bong.

She took a tentative hit. I took a huge one and placed my lips against
hers. I opened my mouth and she followed suit. I exhaled and then slid my
tongue into her mouth. We kissed for a long time, both of us panting when we
stopped. "I'm sorry, Harriet. I shouldn't...Well...They could walk in any
moment. Sorry...Fucked up...Just...Oh ! Never mind..." God ! Am I getting
sleazy !?

I let that trail off and she said, very softly. "If my husband says he'll
meet us after they finish gambling...They're winning and if they're winning,
it'll take ten women like your wife to get him away from the tables...My
husband loves to gamble...On the other hand...Who knows ? They could be at
another hotel..." She let that trail off as I stood and took off my coat. I
looked over toward the bedroom and tossed my coat on the couch. I was working
on my tie when she got to her feet and reached behind her.

I was naked and lying on the bed. My cock was hard as rock and sticking
up out of my groin like a pogo stick. She was standing at the edge of the bed
working her girdle and panty hose off. Her pussy was a perfect triangle of
dark hair against her white skin. I stroked my cock and she smiled at me.
Her bra came last and her udders slopped down on to her chest...Saggy but
impressive. Her areolae were about the size of Carol's but almost looked
small on her tits. They were as dark, too. Her belly had some rolls to it
but she had some what of a hour glass figure although her waist was a little

She crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees. I lay on my back and
wiggled under her tits. My mouth captured one of her nipples. She remained
motionless as I feasted on her hanging tits. Her nipples got turgid in my
mouth as I sent a hand down to explore her pussy. Her lips were thick and
plump and I ran a finger down the furrow of her sex. She shivered a little.
I was reaming out her fat belly button. She was into heavy breathing. A
finger found her cunt and I slid it in. Her pussy was more than wet, greasy
is a better description. I was finger fucking her.

I used her cunt to drag me forward and now my mouth was in her pubic hair.
It was not as thick as I imagined and soon my tongue was battling with my
finger for access to her vagina. She was bellowing above me and I was hoping
she would suck on my cock. I was disappointed but got situated between her
knees and licked at my leisure. Her ass was wide and flabby. I spread it
apart and ran my tongue from her cunt to her asshole. She jumped...And then
screamed a little when I reamed my tongue into her anus. I was slathering it
all, from clitoris to asshole, my fingers jumping back and forth from her cunt
to her asshole. She finally came and dug her head into my stomach as she
almost yelled out her orgasm. Her ass was wiggling about, her thighs shaking
and I was loving it !

Harriet couldn't believe what the guy was doing in her crotch. Her
husband had tried it so long ago and then told her she had too much hair.
This guy loved it. His tongue was like a snake in her cunt and...Shit ! She
couldn't believe it...He was sticking his tongue in her asshole. She couldn't
breath anymore and yelled out her release, shaking and shivering as she
writhed above him.

He was quick and up on his knees and behind her before she stopped
shivering. Jesus ! She hadn't cum like that, ever. She could feel the bone
of his cock slide into her. "Ooooohhhh..."

When she moaned, I started fucking her as fast and as hard as I could.
She pushed herself to her arms and was fucking back. The room was filled with
the sounds of two bodies fucking. I spread her ass apart and was met by a
nice growth of kinky hair around her asshole. I fucked her faster. Sweat was
rolling down my sides from under my arms. My cock was a blur as it dug in and
out of her cunt. I could see glistening pink cunt on the way out and just a
forest of dark pubic hair on the way in.

Her moaning was constant now and I fucked faster and harder. Her orgasm
made her jump around in front of me, almost like she was trying to escape the
hard cock in her cunt. I forced her to the bed and poked it back into her.
Not giving her as much now as her ass cheeks blocked my way. I ground around
on top of her and felt her shiver and press back up against me. I kissed her
neck and licked up to her ear.

"You are one hot woman, Harriet. Want more ?"

She giggled and told me I couldn't possible do it again. I had to be
wiped out. Oh ! But I could. I teased her and then got to my knees. She
was looking at the slick cock pointing out of my groin. She slowly rolled to
her back and spread her legs. I'd drilled a hole of flesh in the carpet of
hair that grew between her legs. I was on top of her and fucking her in just
a wink. She was sweaty and hot when I laid on her and her legs surrounded me.
She reached down and put the head of my cock at her entrance and I pinned her
hand between us as I filled her. I started fucking and she removed her hand.

She came in less than five minutes of good solid fucking and I was beat.
So was Harriet. We laid on our backs and panted for about ten minutes. I
finally rolled over and started sucking on her tits. She tried to force me
away but I persisted and finally ended up between her legs, licking her well
fucked cunt. She came a couple of dozen times and I finally convinced her to
suck my cock. She was very hesitant but once started, an eager participant.


George and Harriet were tired Joses when they boarded the plane on the way
back to L.A. So was I. I spent the whole next week planning the wedding and
picking up the proper paper work. People were due to start arriving Thursday
night. The plan was to get married on Saturday, the busiest day of the week.
Nobody would notice that there were two brides and just one groom. Plus...I
had a little surprise for the congregation...A prewedding party...Brunch with
some special muffins. I laughed. I wasn't going to tell a soul. Shit ! The
list was huge. A half pound ought to do it. Jesus ! The crop just took off
while I was gone last week.

Clarance and Mandy ("Settling Down") were arriving first and Carol wanted
me to get them checked into their room. We were right next door and on the
other side was Erin's older sister, Kathy. She had a suite because of her
daughters. Erin told me to keep my hands off them. Yea ! Right ? Katie was
next door to Kathy, just a single for her and her boy friend. Erin said her
boy friend was hot to spend the weekend in 'Vegas and was kind of a swinger.
Katie had told him about my "last night of freedom" and he was hot to trot.

I had John pick up Clarance and Mandy and bring them to the hotel. Not
one of the biggest but one of the most accommodating. Competition was stiff
on the strip and I was paying big bucks. Cash, too...And that really stoked
them. They were catering the prewedding brunch...All fresh and very
expensive. I counted about fifty...And wondered where I got so many friends.
Saturday night, after the wedding, was up at the cabin. All invited...No
presents except themselves. Shit ! The list was endless, almost. Even some
people I hadn't seen in years...Since I left town so long ago...But fuck !
What was I going to do with my parents ??

I was in Clarance's and Mandy's room when they entered with a bell boy
behind them. I rushed to met them.

"Clarance...Mandy...Willy Tamarack...Carol's told me so much about you.
You like the place ?" They both stood in awe. It was a great big fucking
room with a huge circular bed in the middle.

Mandy threw her arms around my shoulders and whispered. "You gona film,
Willy ?" I started laughing. Clarance was over at the refrigerator and
checking the contents. He held up a forty and nodded as if it was good stuff.
Mandy saw the ounce of weed sitting on the coffee table and rushed to it.

"Clarance...Look at this fucking shit ! Is this your stuff, Willy ?"

I nodded like it was the least I could do. "About three weeks old and
pretty heavy. Don't plan on doing anything after smoking a little because it
wipes you out." I laughed. Mandy was smelling it. I went down stairs after
telling them that we were on our way to the cabin at seven..."So don't be
late." I rushed over to pick up Erin and then drove to Carol's office.

The five of us headed to the cabin and by the time we got there, everyone
was real fucked up. Mandy headed right for the hot tub, shedding her clothes
as she went. This black woman had a body. Tits the size of Wanda's but with
a little more sag to them. Her areolae were as big if not bigger than Carol's
and almost purple. Carol started stripping down and now it was a race to see
who could get naked first. Mandy won and slid right into the water. Clarance
was lifting a forty to his lips. I was swiggin' on an Asahi Dry. I counted
three joints going for the five of us. Erin was watching the girls but was a
little anxious about joining them because of Clarance. Clarance kept glancing
at the girls and then leaned across the bar and asked. "What do you think,
Willy ? Aaah...Ok ! If I go join the girls ?"

Erin started laughing, then blurted out. "Yea ! Clarance...I want to
watch you fuck'em." She continued laughing. He laughed with her as he pulled
his shirt off. He was a real black man. No hair on his chest and real
skinny. His cock wasn't though and I damn near choked on my beer when it
dropped out of his pants. Jesus ! It looked as big around as a beer can and
was at least three or four inches longer than I was and fuck ! I couldn't
believe it...He's still fucking soft ! He stroked it while staring at Erin.
She held his gaze, not once looking at his cock. He finally turned and headed
for the hot tub. "We being filmed, Willy ?" He called over his shoulder.

"All life's a movie, Clarance and tonight you're going to be a star." He
laughed as he stepped into the hot tub.

Erin turned to me and cracked up. "Willy, did you look at his cock ?"

I just nodded my head and she continued. "Tell me, how big is it ? Carol
says it's the biggest she's ever had." I could believe it. Carol was sucking
him off, his cock plainly visible and getting harder by the second...A black
pole of flesh that looked like a large cucumber. I turned Erin's head and
pointed, while taking another drag. Erin's mouth fell open. I laughed.

"Welcome to the big leagues, Erin. You know they're going to wait for
you. Why don't you go and join them ?"

"Shit ! Willy, I can't do that." She leaned over and whispered.
"They'll get a bigger charge out of it if they have to seduce me. Don't
tell...Ok ?" I nodded but was watching Carol as she got out of the hot tub,
water dripping off her naked body, coming towards us. I started laughing as
Carol dragged Erin off the bar stool and toward the pool. Clarance and Mandy
were all over her, like stink on shit. Erin's clothes lay in a small pile on
the decking and I could hear her moaning already.

"Seduce her...Yea ! Right !" I thought.

I got to my feet and began to disrobe. My cock was hard as rock and
bobbed around in my groin as I walked to the hot tub. Mandy was between
Erin's legs as Carol cradled her on the side of the pool, kissing her.
Clarance had his back to me but I bet he was stroking his cock. I was right
and it was a jack hammer. Shit ! Ten...Eleven inches long and he couldn't
get his hand around it but then he was pretty skinny...Yea ! I know. I'm
stoned again.

I sat and watched as Mandy slathered Erin's dark haired cunt like a dog in
heat. Erin's hips were starting to buck up into Mandy's face and I knew it
wouldn't be long before Clarance came up to bat. I held out the joint, I was
smoking, and Clarance took a deep drag. Holding his breath, he crossed the
hot tub and pulled Mandy out of Erin's crotch. The pink of her cunt was
visible in a tangle of pubic hair and Mandy guided him right in. Erin bolted
off the side of the hot tub as Clarance pushed his cock into her. Carol was
massaging her breasts and Erin's nipples were erect, her areolae all crinkly.

Clarance spent a long time working his cock into her and to me it looked
like a large pipe was being drilled into her belly. When he started
thrusting, Erin started yelling and then bucking up against him. Her face was
contorted in lust and I was hotter than a fire cracker. I stepped across the
pool and pulled Mandy's face to my crotch. She gobbled me right up and was
soon damn near deep throating me. I was in heaven...Watching Erin getting her
brains fucked out while Mandy sucked the life out of me.

Clarance was fucking her like a machine. Her legs were wrapped around his
middle and I could hardly see the action between them. That was ok, though as
Mandy was giving me head like I'd never had before. She was taking my entire
length and driving me crazy with her tongue. Carol had moved down to where
Clarance was fucking Erin and was massaging her clit, I assumed. I stopped
watching and just soaked up the pleasure this black woman was giving me. "Joe
Cocker" made an appearance about the time Clarance filled Erin with a flood of
cum and Carol pulled him away and then buried her face in Erin's crotch. I
got a glimpse of her crotch, soaked in semen and then pulled Mandy to her feet
and turned her toward the side of the hot tub.

Clarance was catching his breath but I was ready to fuck and soon had
Mandy's ass spread wide as I drilled my cock against her anus. The head
popped in and I was off to the races. Clarance slid over to where we were and
Mandy gobbled up his flaccid pecker. I figured it wouldn't be long before he
was fucking Carol. I wasn't wrong and the orgy took off; only pausing every
once and a while...While we caught out breaths and smoked a little reefer or
drank a little beer.


I was waiting at the gate...At the airport...Waiting for Kathy O'Connel
and her daughters Susie and Meridith. I lost the bet at the cabin...what a
bummer. I never win when Carol sets the ground rules. I figured I wasn't
missing much though as Clarance looked like a three week old dog turd when he
got up and the girls were hardly out of bed when I left. I was stoned as shit
as usual and just goofing at the passengers getting off the plane when Kathy
yelled out. "Hey ! Brotherinlaw !" I waved and then did a double take on
her daughters. If Kathy noticed, she didn't say a thing.

Susie was about fifteen, maybe sixteen and Meridith couldn't be a day over
thirteen. Both of them had the same build their mother had...A little stocky
but with big, big tits...Even the thirteen year old. Kathy gave me a big hug
and I could feel her breasts squash against my chest. The girls were typical
teenagers and kept their distance as their mother and this strange man made
fools of themselves. Off to the hotel we went and during the trip, I kept up
a constant pratter about Las Vegas and all the shit you could do here. The
young things in the back of the four by four were laughing like shit and I
figured I was making a pretty good impression. Really...I think they knew I
was stoned as shit.

At the hotel, two bell boys rushed out to the four by four...It was really
a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and started carrying their bags inside. Shit !
They should have as I slipped them both a twenty before I went to the airport.
I escorted the ladies up to their room and told them to be ready by seven as
the rehearsal dinner was at eight. Fuck ! We weren't rehearsing a
thing...Just drinking and smoking our brains out. Off I went to pick up my
parents. I had them staying at another hotel...Smart thinking, Willy.

I'd paid an exorbitant amount to have the rehearsal dinner at The Out Back
down on Sunset and after getting my parents squared away, rushed over there to
make sure the arrangements were taken care of. I was out in the parking lot,
hitting on a joint when Carol and Erin drove up. They came over to the SUV
and we shared the joint, discussing the possibility that maybe, just maybe my
parents or maybe Erin's sisters would figure out that the three of us were
getting married. By that time, the three of us were so stoned that what we
were talking about made little sense so we wandered into The Out Back and had
a drink.

My parents arrived first, then the Malibus, then Kathy and her daughters
and Katie and her boy friend and finally the Cahills...Mandy and Clarance just
appeared...Who knows from where ? The liquor really started to flow. Now, my
dad can really put them away...Vodka rocks. He calls them rammers and while
my mother tries to keep up with him, she usually loses the battle. The crowd
got noisy. Jesus ! It seemed like we invited the whole world. My dad was
arguing with Clarance and Gary about something, my mother was shit faced
talking with Kathy and Katie O'Connel. Carol, Erin and I attempted to stay
out of the fray and I was glad the dinner ended without anyone being the
wiser. Gary and Wanda Cahill were drunker than shit at the far end of the
table with the Malibus, laughing and giggling like kids. I could hear them
talking about our adventures in Southern California and was sure if my parents
hadn't been so loaded...They

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